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Surrogacy Abroad: All You Need to Know

People don’t just wake up one morning and decide to go find a surrogate. The road to even considering a surrogate is often a long and expensive one to walk. If you’ve found yourself looking for help to conceive your child, chances are you’ve been juggling this decision for years already.

Finding that domestically, there are no surrogacy options for you, or that those options are too expensive to realistically afford, can be a totally deflating experience. Luckily he old adage stands true: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Considering options abroad can open up previously unavailable options. Ilaya, a multinational clinic that has clinics all over Europe and North America released an article discussing exactly this: Surrogacy Abroad. In the article, the reproductive health powerhouse discusses different reasons why surrogacy abroad may be the best option for some couples. They also discuss some of the many considerations to take if you’re thinking about looking outside of your own national borders for your family’s needs.

One of the main things that becomes intimidating for couples that are looking for a surrogacy solution abroad is culture. There have been some discussion of compensated surrogacy being used as a way to exploit women from poorer countries. While this may happen, it doesn’t mean that it will happen. Doing extensive research into whatever country you are choosing for your surrogacy needs can help avoid nefarious practices. Choosing a surrogacy program that you trust and has excellent reviews, as well a good working history in whatever country you’re thinking about is paramount to finding a surrogate that you can be comfortable in hiring. To avoid possible ethical and legal complications, it’s important that couples go through a reputable agency or clinic that has experience operating internationally.

The other major factor for couples who are considering international surrogacy programs is cost. Many countries offer surrogacy programs at a fraction of the cost of those in countries like the US and UK. While you’d also have to factor in travel associated costs- like airfare or lodging, with the stark reduction in the cost of reproductive services, programs abroad can still be much cheaper than those housed domestically. Ilaya suggests that anytime a couple is attempting to create a budget for their surrogacy services, to plan for any possible complications that can arise.

Laws regarding surrogacy vary greatly by country. Knowing what countries have policies in place that fit your particular needs is important. A quick check can give you a general idea about what countries are capable of assisting your family. Using this to narrow down your initial search is an effective tool to keep international options from becoming overwhelming. “There are several options for surrogacy in Europe, but some are better than others.” The article says.

Knowing a little bit about what you need and what you can afford before you start looking can really help reduce some of the anxiety that inevitably goes along with trying to find the best way to expand your family. Ilaya offers hopeful parents genuine information and credible considerations when looking into surrogacy abroad. For further insight, check out their recent article detailing the realities of surrogacy abroad.

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