Video collaboration gets easier thanks to Dropbox

Making great video just got easier thanks to collaboration tool experts Dropbox. This is good news for businesses. Video is a vital medium, when it comes to promoting a business or organization. It helps to present the face of a business to it’s potential customers, making them more likely to be attracted to the services and products provided. Of course, this only works if video is done well.

Now, as well as using tech to convert film and video to digital, to produce great online content and using a smartphone to make original content, teams can collaborate on projects more easily. The new time based comments facility was launched by Dropbox, on Thursday, January 24.

Simple process for video and audio production

This new feature is a welcome addition for any team that collaborates on media files on a regular basis. It means that each user can simply choose a place in the file where they want to leave a comment, enter the comment in a text box and click to post. The comment is then available for every member of the team to see.

As with other comments features in Dropbox, individual users can be made the focus of the comment by simply using @. Having this feature means that commenting on media file content just became more streamlined. No need for lengthy emails; all comments are now on the file itself, in real time.

Enhanced playback features also included

The new real time comments feature has been welcomed by businesses that have a Dropbox Professional, Business Advanced or Enterprise account, where the feature is included. It’s also now an integral part of Education accounts, making it easier for students to collaborate on media projects.

The new tool has been joined by enhanced playback options. Thumbnail view has been added to playback for 1080p video. This makes it easier to find a specific place in the video, for editing or comment. Audio playback has also been improved as previewing now includes the ability to see visual waveforms.

These are not the first improvements that Dropbox has made to its video and audio previewing features. It has recently included support for a wider range of file formats and it has enabled commenting on particular portions of a video. Allowing users to choose a time stamp on a video or audio file, and add a comment, is another big step forward for the collaboration tool provider.

Users already seem to be impressed by the new video and audio features which are now available to use on the Dropbox website. They have also been rolled out on the iOS app and are coming to the Android app in the near future.

This is certainly another welcome step forward for businesses that use Dropbox for regular project collaboration. It has streamlined the process of media file collaboration making it easier to produce video content that works.