Vodka Company Shocked After Iceberg Water Is Stolen

A Canadian Vodka company has lost thousands of liters of iceberg water in what they believe was a heist. Authorities are still investigating but David Meyers, CEO of Iceberg Vodka, revealed that he is confused as to why someone would go and steal the water.

It is not yet known how the thief or thieves took the liquid. The liquid taken from the company is enough to fill a tanker. Canadian authorities believe someone took the liquid and disappeared with it. The liquid was stolen from the town of Port Union, which is located in Newfoundland.

The water is not just any water, it is valued at close to $7,000. The CEO of the company told the BBC that they found out that the water was missing when a manager visited the facility and found that one of the tanks was empty. The manager believes that the tank was drained during the weekend.

Water Stolen Is Insured

The company is a bit shocked about the theft since it is water and many would have a difficult time finding someone to sell it to. The CEO of the company revealed that this took a bit of work since the thieves had to access the tank and remove the thousands of liters of water. The water was in a tank, which was secured by a locked gate.

The company uses this water to make its products. The water taken from the tank was insured but the company is only able to get it during some times of the year. The water comes from icebergs that appear along the coast near the towns.

Not a Black Market For It, CEO Says

The theft has left the CEO a bit confused since the area is small and the market for water is not very big. He believes that it would not be an easy task to sell the water that was stolen from the tank. He said there isn’t really a black market for it and that if someone is trying to get rid of the water in a tanker or another vehicle, he would like to hear about it.

The water is used by a few other companies in the area but the CEO says the water industry is small and that everyone knows each other there. Newfoundland authorities are still investigating how the thief or thieves entered the facility and took away the liquid from the tank.