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Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei: Everything We Know On Their Foldable Devices

2019 is believed to be the year of foldable phones and some companies have confirmed that they are all in on this technology. Xiaomi is the latest to confirm the rumors but before that, Samsung and Huawei had already revealed information on their devices. Here is everything we know on the devices from these companies:


Xiaomi had been quiet on its foldable phone but that changed a few days ago when Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi, appeared in a teaser with the device. The teaser, which first surfaced on Weibo, shows the different ways that the phone can be folded in. The device goes from having a screen the size of a tablet to having the screen of a much smaller smartphone.

The Chinese giant does not reveal any specs or prices in this teaser but this pretty much confirms that they are working on this technology. Xiaomi will likely be at this year’s MWC but it is currently unclear if the device seen in the teaser will be shown there.

Samsung, Galaxy F?

Samsung’s foldable device, rumored to be called the Galaxy F, was the first to make its appearance among the companies listed here. The device was rumored for a while and it finally made a brief appearance months ago. The device was in the hands of a Samsung official so the media and visitors never got the chance to see the phone up close.

Samsung did not give major information on the device but it is rumored to be coming later this year. The Galaxy S10 appears to be the first in line for a launch but reports have revealed in the past that the company will speed up that launch to make room for its foldable device.

Huawei, 5G Support

Huawei’s device has not made any appearances but the company has made it clear that it is interested in this technology. The most interesting part about all of this is that the company might have the technology ready by the time MWC 2019 kicks off. The latest information points that the company will be having the device at the event. According to reports from several tech sites, the company has even teased the phone through its MWC press conference invite.

Huawei will likely have other devices there but the star of its press conference might end up being the foldable phone since it is something we have not seen from them yet. Huawei had confirmed a while back that it had a prototype so we’re just waiting to see it now.

These three companies have confirmed a foldable device but many others have been mentioned in reports, including Apple and Oppo. The technology is rumored to be a bit pricey but that hasn’t stopped companies from coming up with their own devices.

What do you think about foldable devices? Are they the future of phones? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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