Anthem Game Crash: Sony Is Offering Refunds

Anthem was one of the most anticipated games of 2019 but some gamers are having a difficult time playing the BioWare and EA title. System crashes caused by issues in the video game have forced gamers to stop playing the game.

Some gamers have had enough of the issues, which were not completely fixed with the update, and contacted Sony to get a refund. The complaints and news of the refunds first surfaced through reddit, where gamers revealed that they had contacted Sony to get their money back.

In the reddit threads, gamers explained that the company gave refunds with little questions and wait time. Some didn’t have the same experience though, complaining that the company had not given them a refund.

The refunds are reportedly being made with the digital versions, which are downloaded through the PS Store. The issue is not a small one, gamers are completely interrupted in their gaming experience.

Many people have reported that the issue causes their PS4 consoles to shut down. After a sudden shut down, the PS4 warns that this could lead to storage loss and other problems for the console.

Sony has been contacted by several gamers about the issue and some have said through reddit that they have received a refund. The game has seen many reports on the PS4 but the issue is also said to be happening in other platforms such as Xbox One.

Anthem has made a lot of noise in recent months over its interesting environments and the exosuits that allow players to explore and take on enemies. The game was released late last month but it has already been hit with mixed reviews over its issues as well as constant interruptions of gameplay.

It is not yet clear why the game causes the consoles to crash but some gamers believe the issue has to do with the update released a few days ago. Sony and BioWare have not released any statements on the issues and refunds having to do with Anthem.

BioWare engineers have talked about the issue in the game’s official forums and said that they were hard at work on a fix. The game developer has not given a date for the update that will look to fix these major issues.

The issues appear to be a big problem for both companies with EA reportedly asking for help to find what’s causing the shut down and the other issues. A global community manager for Anthem recently said on Twitter that they were collecting information on the issues. The post adds that they are readying the patch.

The game crashes have brought criticism and mixed reviews against Anthem. The video game appears to have other problems outside of the issues shutting down consoles. Some players have complained that the game is grindy, requiring players hours and hours of playing time to unlock or improve characters.

Some of them complain that they have to complete simple missions over and over to unlock the many improvements that the game has to offer. YouTube reviewers such as AngryJoe and TheQuartering have criticized the game for the long loading screens. In AngryJoe’s review, he explains that some of the loading screens take longer than the actual gameplay. He also criticized some of the cosmetics that can be unlocked by playing the game.