Brazil: Eight Dead In School Shooting

Two gunmen killed at least eight people at a school in southeastern Brazil. Officials say the gunmen opened fire in the school and killed at least two employees and six students. The gunmen began firing at about 9:30 local time.

The attack, which happened at a school in the city of Suzano, started when the students were on break. The gunmen showed up with face masks and started firing at the people there.

Authorities have confirmed that the two gunmen were 17 and 25 years old. Police say they killed themselves after the attack on the school. The incident has shocked residents since it is not common for this to happen. Shootings and other related crimes are common in Brazil but not when it comes to schools.

One of the most recent incidents was back in October 2017 when a teenage student killed two other students at a school in Goiania. Four other students were injured in the attack, which police believed came after the boy was bullied. Reports said the boy was from an army or police family and went home to grab the weapon to carry out the attack.

One of the deadliest incidents happened back in 2011 when a gunman shot dead 12 children at a school in Rio de Janeiro. Authorities said the man entered the school with two revolvers and began firing at the students. He killed himself after the attack.

Officials said the man entered the school by saying that he was going to give a lecture. He entered a classroom and began firing at the students. Teachers blocked the classroom doors during the attack and authorities were alerted by wounded children who escaped the building.

Authorities still don’t know why the gunmen attacked the school earlier today. They have confirmed the discovery of other weapons, including a revolver and items that they believe are explosives.

Authorities said the gunmen went after a coordinator and an employee. The attackers made their way through the school and killed four other students. They headed to the language center, where a teacher and students had locked themselves in. They decided to kill themselves after that.

Police showed up to the scene eight minutes later. They did not run into the gunmen, who killed themselves in a hallway. A shooting near the school was reported earlier but police still don’t know if the two incidents are linked. The first incident left a man injured.

Sao Paulo’s state governor Joao Doria visited the school shortly after the shooting. A teacher told local media that she was in a classroom during the break. She says she thought the sounds were bombs but then realized they were gunshots. She stayed there and left when police arrived.

The school has around 1,000 primary and secondary students. The building is also home to a language center. Only secondary students were at the school when the gunmen entered the building.