Cross-Play Complete: Fortnite’s New Update Makes Feature a Default Option

Last year, Sony shocked gamers when it announced that cross-play would be coming to Fortnite. The announcement was a huge surprise since Sony had remained back on the cross-play push, attracting criticism from those who wanted the feature to be part of the console.

Cross-play was enabled late last year but gamers weren’t exactly playing against Xbox One owners all the time. In its initial launch, gamers between the two consoles were allowed to add each other and even send invites so they could play together.

A lobby between PS4 and Xbox One players would enable the feature, allowing the two to face competition from both consoles. Playing by yourself would simply put you in a game with players from the same console, meaning there was no cross-play if you were alone or didn’t have an Xbox player on the lobby.

The latest v8.10 update for the battle royale game now makes the feature the default option. This means that when you hit ready and go into a game, the matchmaking will put you in a match with players from both consoles.

There is no way to avoid this option and all players will now have to go up against competition from Xbox One or PS4. The cross-play feature was limited in its initial release but it looks like the game has finally made it into a full version. Fortnite is one of the few games that offer the cross-play feature for the PlayStation 4. Several game developers have expressed their interest in the feature so it will likely be part of some games in the future.

Epic Games has also made a few other changes when it comes to other platforms. The Nintendo Switch will now be part of the mobile matchmaking, meaning owners of that system will go up against iOS and Android. Like the Xbox and PS4, the feature is now a default. It will be interesting to see how Switch players do against iOS and Android users.

The update has also brought a few other changes to the battle royale game. One of the biggest additions of the update is the ”Baller” vehicle. This new way of transportation has the shape of a hamster ball. The vehicle is equipped with a single seat and a grapple, which allows players to move around the map quicker.

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