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Guide on the Best Popup Blockers for Safari

It can be annoying to see ads popping up everywhere you land on a webpage. The ads also take up bandwidth resources and cause the page to load slower. Many websites also use trackers on their ads to track users’ behavior so that they could make their ads more targeted.

This is where ad blocker come into the scenario. With ad blocker, you will be able to block all the intrusive ads once and for all. The following are some of the best ad blockers for Safari.


AdGuard is a unique browser based and standalone ad blocker that can eliminate various types of ads on MacOS. It not only can block ads on the browser but it can also block ads that are displayed on the games application. It can protect you from being track and harm by malware. It can check the website you are about to surf and warn you if it is not a safe site to visit. There is a large range of filter lists that you can customize to have complete control on the ads that you will see on the browser. Get more details at https://adguard.com/en/article/safari-pop-up-blocker.html.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free browser based ad blocker that you can use to block unwanted advertisements. It can also be used to block any auto play video that can induce a heart attack. There is no need to configure any setting – install the tool and enable it on your browser and it is ready to run. Although it claims it can block all types of ads, some ads will pass through sometimes. It could be that some companies pay Adblock plus to not block the ads. The software allows you to set criteria for advertisement that you don’t want to see. It can disable trackers to prevent people from spying on your activities and reduce the chances of identity theft.


Adblock (not related to Adblock Plus), is another free browser based ad blocker that can block flash, banner, social media, and pop up ads. Whenever an ad is blocked, it will show a notification on the bottom right corner. There are a lot customizable options such as specify which individual ads to block, and add allowed sites to white-list. The acceptable ads feature can be enabled to allow only non-intrusive ads. You can go to settings to disable the acceptable ads feature if you want to block all ads. You can also submit ads that Adblock have missed.


uBlock is a lightweight browser based ad blocker that block contents in conjunction with the criteria you specify in the filter lists. It will only load the filters needed for the web-page to avoid consuming too much CPU. The hide ads setting must be turned on at all-time otherwise no ad will be blocked. The acceptable ads filter list will allow non-intrusive ads. It also has a white-listing tab where you can customize it to display ads on specific websites. The sites in the white-listing tab is different than the sites in the Acceptable Ads filter. This means you will see non-intrusive ads on the white-listed sites.

Adblocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate is the third most popular ad blocker in terms of the number of websites it has blocked. Websites load significantly faster after you enable the ad blocker. Adblocker Ultimate can block all types of ads such as text, banner, popup/pop-under, overlay, webmail, and video ads. The options page has a lot of pre-configured filter lists but you can also create your own filter list. There is no whitelist option but you can switch back conveniently to see ads on your favorite sites.

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher has been blocking ads to improve online browsing experience for 15 years. It used to be a paid ad blocker but it has recently become a freeware. It can be used on all types of browsers including Safari. It can block all kinds of ads, from popups to interstitial, and floating ads. It will be accessible on the toolbar after it is installed and can work immediately without any setup. From the toolbar, you will see the option to exclude ads on certain pages of the websites or you can also setup filters to munch certain content.

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