Huawei Official Confirms Interesting P30 Pro Camera Feature

The Huawei P30 Pro, which will probably be the company’s next big release of 2019, has seen more and more information surface over the last few days. No big features had really been confirmed until now, with Clement Wong, Huawei’s VP of Global Product Marketing, revealing that the P30 Pro will arrive with a new superzoom camera. Leaks have mentioned that the camera will be equipped with up to 10x zoom, according to Android Central.

The Huawei official didn’t give major details on the superzoom camera. He was also quiet on the rumored 10x zoom, never confirming if the camera will be equipped with this technology.

Wong did hint that the camera would do something nobody has done before. This is good news since the P series has always focused on the camera department. Last year, the P20 Pro was among the first smartphones to feature a triple camera. Triple cameras are now a bit more common but it appears that Huawei has other plans to keep impressing with its cameras.

Wong also spoke about some of the improvements that the P30 Pro camera will launch with. He mentioned that there will be improvements to the night mode. The improvements are said to be more than just a software only thing.

Huawei’s 2019 is off to an impressive start with the company recently announcing its Mate X. The phone is unlike anything we have seen before from the company. The device is foldable, meaning it can transform from a smartphone to a tablet. The Mate X will be one of the most expensive phones in the market with a price of $2,600. But the company is already hinting at cheaper devices with this technology.

Huawei has impressed with its devices in recent years and the P series has become one of those announcements that tech fans want to see every year. The P30 Pro is rumored to be coming later this month. The Pro version will likely be announced along with the P30, which is a more affordable version with less powerful specs. Last year, the company announced three P20 phones, the P20 Pro, standard P20 and the P20 Lite, which has the lowest price out of the three. A P30 Lite is also being rumored for 2019 but we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see if everything is true.

Speaking of Huawei, reports say the company intends to file a lawsuit against the US government over a law that prevents federal agencies from buying their products. The legislation, which was approved last year, prevents the agencies from using Huawei as well as ZTE products.

The reports on the lawsuit are the latest twist in the battle between the US and China over tech products. The US government has accused the company of using its products to spy. The Chinese tech giant has repeatedly denied those claims.