India: Students Arrested For Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is not as popular as other battle royale games but playing the video game in India got several students in trouble. The Indian Express reports that ten university students were arrested for playing the battle royale game. They were caught playing the game a week after a ban was introduced in their state.

That group of students were later released on bail but the arrests didn’t end there. During the early hours of Thursday, authorities caught several other students playing the game. Six students were arrested and later released on bail.

The arrests on Thursday took the total to 16 arrests in the last few days. All of them had to do with playing that battle royale game and not others. A police official was quoted as saying that the game is highly addictive and that the accused had so much attention on it that they could not notice that their team was approaching them.

The ban was introduced in the state over concerns on the impact that the game was having on players. PUBG Mobile can be played in other states and the ban in that area only involves that game.

What’s strange is that the ban does not include much more popular battle royale video games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite, two titles that have set all kinds of records in recent months.

We’re just naming some of the most popular, there are several other mobile versions of these games out there. Games such as Rules of Survival and Knives Out all have a high player count and continue to be a popular download through mobile stores.

The ban in India is much smaller than the ban that was recently reported in China. A few months back, reports revealed that Fortnite as well as H1Z1 had been banned from the country. The two were among the many popular titles that were reportedly banned.

PUBG Mobile is a separate release from the PUBG battle royale game, which became popular on PC. The mobile version of the game is quite similar to its big brother but it is designed to be played on tablets and smartphones. Several companies behind popular battle royale games have released their own mobile versions. Epic Games did it last year with Fortnite, first releasing the mobile game on iOS and later Android. Rules of Survival also has its own versions on PC and mobile.