IOTransfer 3- The Simplest iPhone & iPad Management Tool To Use for All Your Needs

There are a lot of options if you are looking for an iPhone manager, which is why we wanted to tell you specifically about iOTransfer 3. This is one of the best file management programs available today, and it does everything with just one-click of a button. We have tried out different programs that transfer files from your iOS device to your PC.

What we have found is that IOTransfer 3 is one of the simplest programs to use, because the user-interface is so easy and friendly to navigate. If you are in need of a simple file management program to transfer from your iOS device to your PC, keep reading to learn more information about IOTransfer 3.

IOTransfer 3 Offers Video Download Options so You Can Watch Videos Offline

You also might have been searching for a free online video downloader to use in order to get audio and video onto your iPhone. IOTransfer 3 actually comes with a video downloader, which means you can download videos onto your device within seconds. When we say that IOTransfer 3 is easy to use, we really mean that it’s one of the simplest programs available today. There is an optimized videos feature which allows you to download videos from various websites right to your device.

One of the best things about iOTransfer is that the company also has a YouTube video downloader that works better than most other programs out there. This YouTube video downloader allows you to quickly download any YouTube videos that you want regardless of iOS device you are using. What we loved the most about the YouTube downloader is that it will allow you to watch these videos even if you are offline. That is great for people who live in rural areas where Internet connections can be spotty.

There is also a new Converter feature that allows you to convert these video files into different audio file formats. You might have used other programs in the past that did not support certain video file formats. With this program, you will no longer have to worry about any video file formats being unsupported, since this Converter feature will convert these files into any file format you want.

Transferring Files Has Never Been Easier with IOTransfer 3

Going back to file transfers for a little bit, we wanted to tell you more about how that works with IOTransfer 3. With this program, you can import, export, and even delete various content on your iOS device or transfer it right to your PC. You can import, export, and delete files like apps, podcasts, voice memos, and iBooks. There is a Manage tab that allows you to see all of this information, and it works similar to how iTunes works if you have used the Apple iTunes program at all.

AirTrans is a new wireless transfer feature that you will find in IOTransfer 3. This new feature is going to allow you to wirelessly transfer your files without needing a USB cord. You can transfer photos, videos, music, files, and so much more between your iOS device and your PC with this feature. As long as you are on a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily transfer these files without the USB cord. This feature is great because it allows you to quickly bulk-delete files and also manage or backup your files.

IOTransfer 3 Features New User Interface & It’s More Intuitive

When talking about the new IOTransfer 3 program, we also have to mention how much better the user-interface is on this version of the program. The user-interface has been redesigned to be easier and simpler to use. Not only that, but this new user-interface is also more intuitive than it was in the past. With the more intuitive user-interface you can access everything you want and get things done with one click. Things are more automatic in this program so that lessens the amount of clicks and work you need to do in order to transfer your files.

There is also a new Clean feature, which will help clear out more cache files and junk files that are on your iOS device. As you probably know, the more cache and junk files you clear from your iOS device, the more space you will have. Overall, we really think that IOTransfer 3 is the best program to use if you want to transfer files easily and quickly from your iOS device to your PC. We love the video downloaders that come with the program and how you can convert into any audio file format you want.