Respawn Entertainment Responds To Apex Legends Battle Pass Complaints

Apex Legends finally got its Battle Pass system to provide gamers with much more to unlock and play for. But the release of the Battle Pass was not met with 10/10 reviews from the community.

The Battle Pass just debuted but several people have complained that the Battle Pass is boring and not what they expected. The Battle Pass was rumored for a release this month but reports recently said that it had been delayed.

It’s finally available but Respawn Entertainment has had to take the internet to respond to the many complaints from gamers around the world. On EA’s website of Apex Legends, an official responded to the recent complaints.

The long post actually includes a TL; DR section for those who want a summary on what’s going on and what the company plans to do in the near future. This part of the post explains that Season 1 is about keeping it focused and letting players earn rewards at a great value. The paragraph ends by mentioning that they will be adding more and more innovations with the release of each season.

The Battle Pass system by Apex Legends is something that many gamers had been waiting for. The game debuted with just two characters that needed to be unlocked. Players also have the opportunity to earn Apex Packs by leveling up. But the Battle Pass was a must since it brings a lot more to do in the game, which focuses on battle royale only.

Fortnite and a few other battle royale games have a similar system. In Fortnite’s case, the Battle Pass has provided players with tons of content and challenges to complete. Every week, the Battle Pass introduces seven new challenges for players to complete. Completing the challenges allows players to progress through the Battle Pass and unlock the cosmetics that are offered.

Every season, Fortnite offers a new Battle Pass with different cosmetics and things to unlock. Apex Legends was released back in February so it will be interesting to see how the Battle Pass changes with each season.

What Does The Battle Pass Include?

The Apex Legends Battle Pass, which costs the same as the one from Fortnite, brings new cosmetics as well as other rewards to unlock. The update also brings some free rewards for those who plan on skipping the Season one Battle Pass.

The game is also offering a Battle Pass Bundle, similar to the one that is sold on Fortnite. The Bundle costs 2,800 Apex Coins, which automatically unlocks 25 levels.

The update also brings the new Octane Legend. This character has several abilities, including the option to place a launch pad. The launch pad is perfect for a tough situation or for when you’re trying to get away from the storm.

The Octane Legend is not really a surprise since it had been revealed in leaks. The character is the ninth in the Apex Legends lineup. The first eight are available through the download of the game, two of those are unlocked for free by earning enough Legend Tokens.