6 Reasons why Players Love Warframe

Warframe is not just a game. You cannot label something beautiful as a simple game. Warframe is a phenomenal experience that takes place in a virtual world where anyone can be in balance. The Warframe you are controlling is all about balance. Doesn`t matter if you are in war or peace, this game will try to get to the beautiful part of the world no matter how violent things can get.

In this article, we are going to give you 6 reasons why players love to play Warframe.

  1. There is no such thing as a classic NPC

If you are bored of a basic online RPG where 80% of the time you are just running from NPC to NPC just to skip the intros, Warframe is a game for you. Here you wont find any pop-up quests that tell you how to play or where to go. There are no pointing arrows above NPC`s heads. The storyline is alternative and you do not need to follow the quest line in order to discover the game. The proper fight is a part of the game but they also included the quest part for people who cannot live without them.

  1. The best Melee action

Maybe you will not feel any punches or lasers jumping out of your screen but you got to give to the Warframe team when it comes to the Melee Combat possibilities. There are so many developers out there trying to make the combat more engaging. Well, Warframe did it and it is working smooth. An awesome and colorful combat graphic package that comes along with a variety of guns and weapons with so many features and colorful skins. You just simply cannot get bored.

  1. Its you versus monsters

You are that type of a grinder? You love to grind items and show off with the results? Warframe is a game focused on PvE. More than that, you can build up team with your friends and become more powerful against the enemy monsters. The entire game is built on this PvE play style. The story line is based on the same principle and even the hardest bosses will make you feel powerful.

  1. You do not need to level up

Unlike other popular online games, Warframe will satisfy every inch of flesh you can put in contact with this game. There are very very few little level requirements. I think that the only thing you need level for is to be able to unlock more guns. So, while you are having fun, you will unlock the possibilities to have more fun.

  1. A different “Pet” system

Yea, there is nothing like a Pet in this game. Although you will face a system of a companion thing. The idea of having a companion is very unique. Warframe is a shooter game so there is a small necessity of a “pet” system. But because this game is technology based with futuristic weapons, you will not have a cute dog pet following you. The game will unlock some sentinel features for you, or some sort of kubrows. They can provide a lot of bonuses and influence your gameplay so much.

  1. Earn money playing

Maybe one of the the most important reasons why people love this game is because you can earn real money by playing the game. You can grind weapons schematics and blueprints. You can drop weapon parts and some of them are very expensive. Many players are selling this items or marketplaces like Eldorado.gg