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7 ways to increase employee happiness and productivity

A great business really starts by having satisfied employees. Make your employees happy by showing you genuinely care. Focusing on employee satisfaction is the golden key that opens up many possibilities in your company. Your employees’ confidence and well-being will increase resulting in better performance. You will have fewer turnover rates because of an increase in employee loyalty and commitment. Keeping your workplace happy with positive vibes also increases the chances of better connections and communications between employees. Increase productivity and efficiency in your office now by promoting certain activities or giving token and gifts for your employees. Something simple will do, as long as it softens the corporate structure for a much-needed human element.

Create a career pathway

People want to improve and go to the next level. The desire for improvement is a given. Nobody wants to be stuck doing the same routine. People crave excitement and the chance of doing something new and this can only be achieved by offering your employees the chance for career progression. A recent study revealed that for every 10 months an employee stagnates in a role the likelier they are to leave a company. Nobody wants to be stuck in a role. Giving your employees a chance for career progression gives them an expectation that they won’t be doing the same thing in the company forever. You have to give your employees a goal to work for. You can set training programs or educational opportunities for your employees so they won’t feel disenfranchised. The more skilled they are the better their chances for progression and you will benefit from a highly trained workforce.

Create a productive atmosphere

The environment in your office will affect employee performance. Well ventilated rooms, comfortable furniture, and good lighting will help in employee productivity. There should be enough space to move around so your workers can do their job efficiently. Ecotherapy is a term that helps in a productive environment. From the word itself, you have to have features of the natural environment on your office such as live green plants. Some studies reveal that employees who are near plants have higher job satisfaction. They also report having better feelings for their boss and co-workers. If you can’t have plants indoors a picture of some greenery or a nice mural can simulate nature. You can even plan a trip to the outdoors as a chance for your employees to relax and destress. If there is a nearby park or garden in your office you can set up a camping site using tarps as a fun activity during breaks or lunch hour. Let your employees have some bonding with each other and breathe in the fresh air.

Equip your team with the right tools

Save your workers from doing the boring stuff since everything can be automated these days. Sure, you may have to spend on some complicated software but think of the time you can save. You can use your worker’s talent for more complicated tasks. A lot of the tasks that can be automated now include time tracking and payroll. Let the machines do the job; it will save you time and give you more accurate results. Get your employees to use free time clock software to monitor projects and productivity. Time is essential and you have to make sure that your workers are putting in their best efforts to meet goals. Your workers will also appreciate the chance of being able to see their own performance

Encourage fun

Organizing fun events are the best part of increasing your employees’ happiness. A little investment in a corporate party can go a long way. Your employees will have the chance to bond with each other and have a good time. Consider these parties as a reward for your employees. Make the event memorable and choose a good venue. Plan some activities during the party, such as a dance or musical presentation. Keep the food and drinks flowing. Your corporate party will be instagrammed and shared on social media and the press. You will gain a reputation that you are a great company to work with. Hire amazing inflatable tube men on your venue so people will have something to look at that makes them say wow.

Provide perks

Perks really make a difference. Employees highly appreciate it. Big named companies with amazing and clever perks have high employee job satisfaction and you would be surprised to know that employees prefer perks to pay raises. Some well-known perks companies offer are massage rooms, nap pods, and even haircuts! Perks really do enrich the experience of employees and boost their morale. Some other perks being given out by companies are stipend to buy books, off days, movie tickets, and business books. There are many perks you can offer employees and not all of them even have to be material stuff.

Improve employee skills with training

Employees want to move forward in their career or they just want to get a grasp of your process better. Provide employees with training to equip them with the skills necessary to do a job well. Well trained employees have more confidence and are better equipped in helping your customers and delivering quality products and services. You can also provide training programs to help your employees gain the skills needed for career advancement in the company.

Encourage positivity

Positive and fun workplaces make employees look forward to work. Happiness inspires productivity according to psychologist Shawn Anchor. Happy people are more productive and resilient and won’t easily quit when met with work-related challenges. You can have concrete strategies in place to encourage optimism in your workplace. One of the things you can do is to have your employees list 3 things to be grateful for every day. These little acts of introspection go a long way in making your employees look into the bright side of things.

Worker happiness is highly important in making great business. Employees who are happy achieve results. Everything starts with a happy employee and a business who invests in employee satisfaction is closer to having high quality and topnotch products and services.




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