Alan Kurdi Migrant Ship With 64 People Refused By Italy and Malta

A migrant ship with 64 people has nowhere to go at the moment after it was refused by Italy and Malta. The ship remains on the Mediterranean Sea after it was informed about the two countries.

The refusal has left the ship with nowhere to go, with many of the migrants in there said to be in not so good conditions. Reports say that the migrants are in cramped conditions and that some of them are staying on the deck.

The refusal is yet another dispute between the European Union members. In recent years, there have been several standoffs involving migrants coming through the Mediterranean Sea. European Union members have taken in thousands of migrants since the crisis began a few years ago. But some countries have recently distanced from the situation, refusing to accept or just allowing a certain number.

Carlotta Weibl, a spokeswoman for humanitarian aid organization Sea-Eye, said the ship was near the island of Lampedusa. She told the Associated Press that they had no idea where they could disembark and added that Malta had said they could not enter their waters. She also mentioned that Italy was unlikely to give permission.

The migrant ship has people that were rescued near Libya. The people were picked up on Wednesday after they couldn’t contact authorities. The ship, which is named Alan Kurdi, was looking for another boat. The boat that was carrying 50 people has been missing since Monday. The number of missing is more than just 50, another 40 from last week are also said to be missing.

The Sea-Eye ship stuck on the Mediterranean Sea is named after the boy who lost his life trying to flee Syria. The two-year-old Kurdish boy was all over the news in 2015 when videos and pictures showed his lifeless body on a shore. He and his family were fleeing Syria, which is in the middle of a civil war that began eight years ago.

The Mediterranean Sea has become one of the most used routes by those trying to make it to Europe. But most of the ships making the journey are not in the best conditions or are simply over capacity. Thousands have lost their lives after the ships have sunk.

Italy took in thousands of people during the crisis but part of Europe is now against those trying to make the dangerous journey. The numbers have dropped in recent years but many still attempt to cross the Mediterranean every day. The spokeswoman for Sea-Eye said the humanitarian ship is currently the only one operating in the Mediterranean since many governments have not given permission.

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that the country would not accept the migrants. He added that since it is a German ship, it should head to Hamburg. The Sea-Eye spokeswoman responded to his comments, criticizing his suggestion. She said that the city of Hamburg is not even located on that sea but on a river that connects to the North Sea. She went on to say that the suggestion is out of question since it would take three to four weeks to reach the city, adding that they don’t have food or water.