Common Mistakes Made In The Admission Essays

Getting into the shoe of a college admission committee member may seem like funny advice for students when writing their admission essays. If students did so, they would carefully write them. They would exude much more confidence, and their writing would stand above the competition. However, this isn’t always the case, and lots of mistakes are made.

There are avoidable mistakes commonly made by students that keep them out of college and prevent them from doing their desired program. They could avoid these mistakes by choosing an admission service from a reputable provider. Here are the mistakes.

Choosing The Wrong Topics

Writing an essay for new students can be hard. But, what could be harder is selecting a topic to write on. Therefore, the majority of the students mainly talk about three issues that have profoundly impacted their lives. One could be the death of a loved one; two is moving from one place to the other and thirdly is a divorce. You’ll realize that these are heavy duty topics. They’ve been great authors that have tried approaching them, and they haven’t had an easy time writing in a 500-page book. It’s always a challenge writing and expounding on such topics, and students should be careful when handling such issues.

Lack Of Trust

Lack of trust by the students for the admission officer to find out their vulnerability is another common mistake made by students. The feeling that they can’t trust the admission officer to safeguard their secrets makes students miss their admission chance. For example, when a student is provided with an essay prompt, they would write it giving little details of their explanations. Therefore, the admission officer is unable to know them well than they possibly could adequately.

Embellished Resume

Another mistake students make is writing an embellished resume. The admission officer has already seen your resume, what you’ve done, and what you’re interested in. They use few words to talk about themselves only to write more of what they do. The admission essay acts as a way to show themselves off. In the real sense, it’s for the lecturers and teachers to understand why they do the things that they do, how the experiences have impacted and shaped their lives.

Insignificant Writing

Students sometimes describe an event with no explanation of its significance.They write pieces that don’t add value to the essay prompt provided. For example, a student can write about an event that she attended during the weekend. The essay could be as detailed as possible, with lots of explanations and imagery but lack a significance or purpose to the title of the piece.

Poor Creativity

Creative students usually think they should write a more visually appealing essay. For example, they’ll visually write a piece that’ll represent what they are. It could be in the form of a mug or a dancer which will make it hard to read by the admission lecturers. Others take on the approach of a letter to a roommate or a presidential acceptance speech that they’ll give as they cruise up the boulevard. It would be better to write a simple, heartfelt essay than to craft something that they think will stand out and catch their attention.


When it comes to writing an admission essay, you need to write down yourself and your experiences. Show your unique side, and you’ll avoid these common mistakes.