Copa America 2020: Neutral Site Proposed For Final

Copa America 2020 could end up being hosted by Colombia and Argentina. But the hosting between the two South American nations has already raised several questions.

Argentina and Colombia hosting the famous South American football tournament presents some problems, mostly on travel times. Colombia and Argentina are far away, making it a bit difficult since co-hosting is usually done between neighbor countries.

The hosting has also raised many questions on the matches that each country will receive. Colombia and Argentina would both like to host the final so Ernesto Lucena, director of Coldeportes, has proposed an idea to change things up.

Mr. Lucena told Carrusel Caracol that if the tournament has Colombia and Argentina as co-hosts, the final should be played at a neutral site over the distance between the two countries.

Mr. Lucena explained that the most important thing is where the final will be played since there should not be any priority. He added that the final should be held at a neutral site, somewhere between the two. He mentioned Peru’s capital Lima as an example.

The official said that the host or hosts and format will be decided in Rio de Janeiro. He made it clear that the Colombian side wants to host the tournament all together but added that this will be difficult. He finished by saying that these are details that they are going to try to resolve and that it will be discussed during a meeting with CONMEBOL on April 9.

Colombia plans to have cities such as Bogota and Medellin host games. Argentina plans to use cities such as Buenos Aires and Mendoza. The final decision will be made on Tuesday, giving the host or co-hosts just a little over a year to prepare.

The 2019 Copa America will be hosted by Brazil. The South American nation has been the host to many big tournaments and sporting events in recent years. In 2014, the country hosted the World Cup. Two years later, Rio hosted the Olympics.

Argentina is in the mix for at least two football tournaments, the 2020 Copa America and the 2030 World Cup. Both tournaments could end up having co-hosts, especially with the bid that Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay have planned for 2030.

The 2030 edition is the closest World Cup without a host. The 2026 tournament was won by the bid from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay are among the favorites to land the tournament since Uruguay was the first host for a World Cup. That one happened back in 1930, so 2030 would mark 100 years.

Argentina last hosted the Copa America tournament back in 2011. Colombia has hosted the tournament just once in 2001. In that edition, Colombia won the tournament without allowing a goal. That tournament saw the absence of Argentina’s national team after its football association decided to withdraw from the event over threats from terrorist groups.