Monday, January 30, 2023

First Details About the PlayStation 5 Have Been Revealed

A Sony official has given the first details on the company’s next console. The current console, the PlayStation 4, has been around for five plus years but rumors on the PlayStation 5 have surfaced for months now.

Sony remained quiet about the console until now, when console architect Mark Cerny spoke about the future gaming system. Mr. Cerny gave the details about the console during an interview with Wired.

During the interview, he revealed that the console will be much faster and feature improved audio. Mr. Cerny’s comments on the console are good news but he didn’t give information on some of the biggest questions, including price and release date.

The release of the PlayStation 5 has been rumored for 2020 or even 2019. But those waiting for the console to hit stores some time in 2019 will be a bit disappointed with what he said. Mr. Cerny said it won’t happen this year so gamers will have to wait a bit longer.

One of the biggest details from his comments is that the console will be much more powerful and faster this time around. The PlayStation 4 is quite fast but the PlayStation 5 will be looking to end the long loading times that we often see on games.

The new console is said to have an SSD, which will make the experience better. But that’s not all, Sony is also looking to have much better audio for its future console. Mr. Cerny told Wired that he was a bit frustrated about the little improvement on the audio between the PS3 and PS4.

Maybe the most interesting bit of information about the console has to do with playing older games. The Sony official revealed that the PS5 will have compatibility with PS4 games.

This is great news since Sony often stays away from this feature. The PS4 is not really able to play PS3 or PS2 games unless you download them from the store. The PlayStation 3 featured backwards compatibility with the PS2 but that was only around for the first models. Older models of the PS3 came without the ability to play PS2 games.

It has also been confirmed that the next console will take physical discs. This is something that’s been on the rumors for quite a while, with some mentioning that Sony will make the decision to have just digital games in the future. But it appears that gamers will still be able to buy discs.¬†Physical discs are still a great option among gamers since slow internet speeds in some parts of the world can make the download of a game last days.

Mr. Cerny did not give any details about the price, which some now believe will be a bit higher due to all the improvements that have been mentioned. The name of the console wasn’t confirmed either but we’re all calling it the PS5 since that’s what’s after the PS4.

What do you think about the PS5 details? Are you planning to get this console when it is released? Which improvements would you like to see on the console? Let us know in the comments.

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