Thursday, February 2, 2023

Fortnite Leaves County Without Badminton Club

A badminton club will soon be playing its last game, all because of battle royale game Fortnite. The junior sports club, which has been around for 20 years, will be closing its doors tomorrow.

The problems for the club began when less and less people were signing up to play. The club was popular for many years but the drop in sessions came around the same time in which Fortnite’s popularity was at an all time high.

The number of sessions dropped in recent months and organizers were told by parents that the game had something to do with that. Tony Wigley, who created the High Fliers club, said there was a change after last year’s Christmas holidays.

Players and Sessions Decreased

He explained that the number of people playing badminton dropped and that parents were telling him that Fortnite was the reason. Parents were telling him that their kids were playing five hours a night.

The popularity of the game did not stop and the club saw its players and sessions decrease. Mr. Wigley said that more than half of their juniors stopped attending the Friday sessions by early February. He decided to give the club another ten weeks to see if people stopped playing the game and came back.

The bad news just kept coming as the player count never increased. Mr. Wigley said it got worse and that they were losing money every week. The club now has one session left and it will take place on Friday at the East Riding Leisure Bridlington.

Fortnite’s Success

Fortnite, released in mid 2017, continues to be an extremely popular game. The battle royale title is currently on its eighth season. In the last few months, the game has seen strong competition from other battle royale titles such as Apex Legends but it continues to be one of the most popular titles on the PS4, PC, Xbox One and many other platforms. In March, the game reached 250 million registered players.

The Epic Games release has been blamed for being a distraction among athletes and children. During its most popular months, schools were banning the game and blocking it from being played through Wi-Fi.

Fortnite will likely continue being a popular game for years since Epic brings new content every season. The battle royale title has the ingredient that it is unpredictable, hinting and adding random things throughout the seasons. Season 8 currently has a pirate theme while last season was mostly about the Christmas holidays and snow.

Created In 1998

Mr. Wigley started the club in September 1998 along with his friend Lynne Robson. They were both experts in the sport and decided to make the game more popular through local leagues.

The club would find success shortly after its creation. Mr. Wigley said two teams were introduced in the league that season. He said there was such demand that they had to come up with a waiting list. Their annual tournament was a two-day event since it had over 100 players.




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