La Liga, UCL, EPL: 5 Upcoming Matches That Stand Out In The Football Calendar

The football season is coming to an end very soon but there are plenty of matches that will decide leagues and tournaments. The Premier League and Champions League are just some of the competitions that have no winner yet. Here are five upcoming matches that stand out in the football calendar:

Barcelona vs. Liverpool – Champions League Semi-Final

Barcelona will be facing Liverpool in a match that many see as an early final. The English club reached the final of the Champions League last year, losing to Real Madrid. Barcelona was not so lucky as they saw Roma come back and eliminate them from the competition. In the previous stage, Messi and company crushed Manchester United while Liverpool easily defeated Porto.

Manchester City vs. Manchester United – Premier League

Manchester City and Manchester United are separated by many points in the league. Guardiola’s team has won its last ten league games but needs the win to get ahead of Liverpool, which is up two points with one more game played. Manchester United also needs this win if it wants to make a serious push at a UCL spot. Manchester United have lost three of their last five league games. The team was also eliminated from the UCL by Barcelona. The good news for Man U is that only three points separate them from third place.

Ajax vs. Tottenham – Champions League Semi-Final

This is an interesting UCL semi-final right here since no one really expected these teams to be at this stage. Ajax have been phenomenal so far, advancing against the current champions Real Madrid and eliminating a UCL favorite in Juventus. Tottenham have also impressed throughout the tournament, easily eliminating Dortmund and then holding off for a victory against Manchester City. This match is one that many of us didn’t expect at the start of the UCL campaign but football can some times be a little unpredictable. The other matchup is an early final while this is a battle between two surprises. What a great Champions League this has been so far.

Arsenal vs. Valencia – Europa League Semi-Final

Arsenal is looking to add a trophy this season but they will have to face a tough Valencia team. The English club has not had the best EPL season but things could turn around if they pull out a great result here. Valencia and Arsenal both sit in Europa League spots at the moment but the big prize would be winning the tournament. The Europa League  champion is automatically granted a spot in the Champions League, no matter their points in the league. This is just the semi-final but one of these two have a serious chance at appearing in the UCL next season. Chelsea is also in the mix so there might even be an English Europa League final.

Manchester United vs. Chelsea – Premier League

Manchester United vs. Chelsea is not for the league title but this match could have serious effects on the Champions League spots. Chelsea currently holds a UCL spot but Manchester United is only three points back. Chelsea also happens to have one more game played, so Manchester United could catch up to them if they win the match. United don’t have it easy as they will be facing Manchester City in two days. City has won its last ten EPL games and needs the win to keep up with Liverpool at the top.