MacX MediaTrans Provides Features Making it the Best iTunes Alternative

MacX MediaTrans is one of the best software tools out today if you are looking for an iTunes alternative. Backing up your iPhone data is very important because it will help you prevent data loss, especially if you are using an older iPhone device that could give out at any second. There are many different situations and scenarios where you could lose your data from your iPhone. Since it is World Backup Day, we wanted to tell you all about MacX MediaTrans and why this is the best program to use to prevent data loss on your iPhone.

One of the best aspects of MacX MediaTrans is that it also works as a great iTunes alternative for Mac. This program allows you to sync or backup your videos, ringtones, ebooks, and podcasts. It also allows for syncing or backing up of photos, music, or other files. Moving these files from your iPhone to your Mac will free up a ton of space on your iPhone. What we really love about MacX MediaTrans is that you will not need iTunes at all. You will not need to sign in to iTunes to backup or sync your files between your iPhone and Mac.

MacX MediaTrans Has Many Advantages Over iTunes

There are several advantages of using MacX MediaTrans over iTunes including the fact that it transfers in record speed. It only takes eight-seconds to transfer 100 4K photos, which makes it the quickest in the world. There is also no data loss because you have two-way sync abilities. You will also be able to backup or sync iPhone to Mac without getting data duplicates.

Another benefit of MacX MediaTrans is that it will recognize and quickly connect to your iPhone. This means you will not have to worry about logging in using your Apple ID. If you are not a tech-savvy person, then no need to worry because this program is also very easy to use. Using other programs might make you feel frustrated because they are difficult to figure out. This program is super easy to figure out and it will never fail to recognize the iOS device you are using.

MacX MediaTrans Software Features

Transferring Music- It is very easy to transfer music using MacX MediaTrans. You can sync up your music files either altogether or selectively. There is no data erasing during this process either and you can add, edit, or delete the playlists and music as you go. You will also be able to transfer your music that was not purchased through iTunes right to your iPhone with this program. With this program, you also can convert music from AAC to MP3, and you can create any ringtone you want. If you are getting an iTunes sync error there are steps you can also take to fix these issues.

Transfer Photos & Videos with Ease– Using MacX MediaTrans, you are able to quickly and painlessly transfer your videos and photos. You are able to convert your HEIC to JPG images automatically. This program will automatically convert your videos to an MP4 and then compress those to a size that is half as big. There is also no quality loss when you are compressing the videos, which can be an issue with other similar programs. You are also able to delete any photo you want from your iPhone camera or photo library. If backing up is more your style, you can bulk backup 4K or live photos right to your Mac. This is great because it helps free up room on your iPhone for more 4K videos.

Other Surprising Features– There are also many other surprising features you get with MacX MediaTrans. You can encrypt your photos and videos that are transferred from your iPhone to your Mac. Encryption also works if you want to locally save those photos and videos to your Mac. You also are able to use your iPhone as a USB in order to save your PDF, Excel, Word Docs, iBooks, DMG, and other apps. The program also offers you two-way sync abilities with no iCloud or iTunes sign-in required. You will also not need WiFi in order to do this. This program is both easy-to-use and very stable, with no worries about getting disconnected from your iPhone in the middle of a data transfer. You can learn more by checking out the MacX MediaTrans Video Introduction.

MacX MediaTrans Sweepstakes & Offers

During World Backup Day there will be a giveaway where you can get MacX MediaTrans for free. Just click this link in order to register for this giveaway. You will also enter to win a free pair or AirPods which is really cool. The ending date for this giveaway is April 10, 2019, but only a select number of winners will get the AirPods. There will be three winners chosen for the AirPods which is a value of $159. An unlimited number of free copies of MacX MediaTrans license keys will be given away during this time period, which is a value of $59.95.