Tuesday, January 31, 2023

PS4 Hidden Tricks: 5 Little Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

The PlayStation 4 has a ton of settings and options that can improve the experience. The majority of the features can be found through the settings section but there are a few things that are almost hidden. Here are five little things that you probably didn’t know about:

See Hidden Trophies

The majority of PS4 games have a trophy list that tell you what to do in order to unlock them. Some of the lists include Hidden Trophies, which have no description and are almost designed for you to unlock them randomly or with the help of a trophy guide. But Hidden Trophies have an option to let you see what you need to do. Just click on the trophy and it will show you on the description that you need to press square to see it. The trophy will then show you the description, allowing you to know exactly what you need to do to unlock it.

Add Games To The Library

Sony offers two free PS Plus games every month. The titles are available for PS Plus subscribers for that entire month. But some users still have a 500GB PS4 or simply don’t have enough room to download the games offered with the subscription. There is an option to keep the games there, like a waiting list for you to play later. Simply go to the free game and add to the Library. You don’t have to hit download to get the game to your system. Adding it to the Library will keep it there until you decide to download and play the game.

Friends List Notifications

Want to know when your friend has just gone online? Well, you can do that, just like it was on the PS3. A notification will pop up on the top left corner of your screen to let you know that your friend is online. The option can be easily missed since it is only found when you access your friends list and look on the bottom. In there, you can hit triangle and activate it for the friends you want to be shown. You can select a few or the entire list.

Check For Update

Game updates are quite common, especially for games such as Fortnite and GTA V. Game developers usually let gamers know through social media when an update is coming. But some of us still make the mistake of starting up the game, only to be told that an update is required for accessing online. This means that you have to download the update and restart the game. You can save some time by hitting Options on the game that has a new update. This will let you know if you have the latest version or if you need to download something.

Time Remaining For PS Plus

PS Plus subscriptions can be extended for one month, three months or even a year. But some times, we go a while without checking and we find out that the subscription has ran out. We can find out how much time we have on the subscription by going to PS Plus. But there is an even quicker way to find out. If you have downloaded a PS Plus free game and still have it on your console, you can hit options on the game and scroll down to see how much time there is left. The free games offered by the subscription are linked to the amount of time you have remaining since they are locked when your subscription runs out.


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