How Does it Work?

Online shopping is convenient. However, there is a downside—you never know what the product will be like exactly until it’s in your hands. Fortunately, we can get a better idea of what the item is like by reading reviews.

Why Product Reviews Are So Important

It Lets You Know What Other Shoppers Think Of It

Product reviews play a huge role in sales. They give consumers the information they need to make an informed. For one thing, it allows shoppers to better “understand” the product. After all, they’re not able to see, touch or feel it, until it arrives.

Allows You To Spend Your Money Right

Let’s face it, nobody wants to waste their hard earned money. When it comes to shopping, you want to make sure that whatever it is will be worthwhile—this is especially true if financials are tight.

Product reviews allow shoppers to judge the quality of an item. Want to know how it will hold up? Search the reviews and you’ll probably get your answer. This only becomes difficult when you’re buying a new product—one that does not have many reviews.

Helps You Make Quick Shopping Decisions

The market is filled with products. There’s bound to be dozens and dozens of results—this is true whether you’re looking for a keyboard or a new pair of headphones. Don’t have the time to look through all the items? Check the reviews. This will allow you to see what’s trending. You’ll also be able to know what others are buying.

Getting Products For Free In Exchange for Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great if you could try out certain products for free? Why spend money on something that you might not like in the end, right? If you’re an Amazon user, you’re probably aware of how some sellers offer free items for customers in exchange for reviews.

Potential Issues

There’s a slight problem with that, though. Not all of the reviews posted are honest. As a result, the product’s rating goes way up whereas the authenticity goes down. At the end of the day, it makes it difficult for shoppers to determine which reviews are real.

Product Reviews Have Other Benefits

When used properly, however, they have other benefits. For starters, it provides manufacturers and companies with critical feedback about the product. This allows them to determine how exactly their items are doing on the market. It also provides information that they can use when planning their campaigns.

As it turns out, there’s a service that helps these companies with this. Enter Rebate Testers. Essentially, they provide their users with free products in exchange for writing reviews or testing the item. They’re the “middleman” between you and the manufacturer.

More About

Rebate Testers is a company that connects manufacturers with product reviewers and testers. They work with a large network of brands, all of whom produce their own products.

Ultimately, their goal is to provide these companies with feedback. Why? Proper feedback is crucial when it comes to planning marketing campaigns—this is especially true for brands that have only been on the market for a short time. With this information, they will be able to tweak and adjust their projects as needed. For instance, they might want to cut back on production or go ahead with an international marketing operation.

The wonderful thing about this, though, is that it also benefits you. This is where the testers and reviewers come in. You’ll be the ones providing crucial feedback to the companies. Rebate Testers will act as your middleman.

To put it simply, you’ll be given the chance the test and play with new products—for free! The companies will also benefit from your feedback; it’s a win-win situation.

How Exactly Does Work?

The first step involves buying a product from one of these companies. A Rebate Testers representative will provide you with a special link from which you’ll be able to make the purchase. You’ll receive it after you register on the site.

Note: Yes, you will have to pay for the product upfront. Don’t worry, though. You’ll get your money back within 24 hours.

Fill in your mailing information on your profile and the product will be sent to your home. How long will it take to arrive? It depends on where the item is coming from, and how far you are from it.

Once the product arrives, your job is to test it. How’s the quality? Does it do whatever it’s supposed to do? Jot these things down. These notes will come in handy when you have to write your review.

When you’re done, all that’s left will be to submit it to the system. For your efforts, you will be given a 100% rebate on the product. In other words, the item will be free! It might take a few days for you to receive the rebate on your account, though.

How Do I Join Rebate Testers?

Rebate Testers is currently invite-only as the service is still in its beginning stages. As the company grows, however, there’s a high chance that it will open to the public.

For the latest updates, be sure to visit their official website at

Frequently Asked Questions about Rebate Testers

Rebate Testers is a little different from your average site. I’m going to go on a hunch here and say that you probably have questions. That’s why we compiled a list of FAQ’s!

Why Do Companies Agree to Give Their Products Away For Free?

Launching a new product is a big deal for companies. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, they are willing to provide customers with products. Why?

As part of their deal with Rebate Testers, they receive vital feedback on their products.  This feedback allows them to make decisions regarding their marketing campaigns. They can either go forward with the production or move back.

How do other companies do it? They spend tens of thousands of dollars on focus groups. Those who work with Rebate Testers, however, are able to receive feedback in exchange for just some of their products. Wouldn’t you agree that that’s a good deal?

How does the Feedback Benefit the Companies?

Feedback from testers and reviewers allow them to determine whether or not a certain product will have a good chance of succeeding in the market. It will also direct their attention to glaring issues if there are any. That way, they’ll be able to fix it before releasing the product. 

How Detailed Do the Reviews Have to Be?

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to write an essay. With that said, try not to just write a couple of sentences. The companies are counting on you to improve their product and campaign!

A great way to start your review is with your first impression. Does it function as well as you expected it to? How is the construction? Does it seem well built? These are some of the things that you’d want to note in your writing.

Feel free to give constructive criticism as well. Be honest. Is there something that you’re not satisfied with? Maybe the product would work better if something was changed? Let us know. This is the kind of information that would be useful to the companies.

How Do I Get an Invitation?

There are two types of invitations to Rebate Testers. You can either be referred from an existing user or be given a targeted invite.

Unfortunately, there is no way to request an invitation to the site at this time. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, though.

What Type of Products Are Available For Review?

Ultimately, it depends on what the manufacturers are offering users. Given that Rebate Testers works with a large network of companies, however, they’ll likely be a large variety of products to choose from.

Do I Have to Pay For the Product First?

The way the system works, you will have to buy the product from a special link. In other words, yes—you will have to pay first.

Once you submit a short review on the product, however, you will be given your money back. The site will process the rebate automatically.

Do I Get to Keep the Item?

Yes, you do! That’s the best part about participating in the program. At the end of all of it, you get your money back and you get to keep the product. It’s a win-win situation.