Best Buy Decides To Cancel Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Best Buy has decided to cancel Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders just weeks after the delay of the phone. On Thursday, the retailer sent all customers who had pre-ordered the phone an e-mail confirming that it had been cancelled.

The Galaxy Fold, announced back in February, made its first appearance late last year. The foldable phone was scheduled to go on sale in late April but the device ran into some problems just days before.

The Galaxy Fold issues were reported by early reviewers, who received the device just days before its official launch. The reviewers started testing the phone and several of them reported problems with the screen and its foldable technology. Some reviewers reported broken screens while others revealed that their displays were flickering or not functioning properly.

Samsung decided to delay the release of the phone following the reports. The company said at the time that it would conduct more tests on the devices, which went up for pre-orders shortly before the delay.

Samsung has not announced a new release date for the foldable phone, which will be the company’s first. The e-mail from the retailer explains that while Samsung continues to make progress, a new release date has not been announced and because of this, they are cancelling pre-orders.

CNN reports that Best Buy has included a $100 savings code for future purchases. The retailer is one of several that had the phone available for pre-order. It is unclear if other retailers will follow Best Buy, cancelling pre-orders until a new release date is announced.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced that all unconfirmed pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold would be cancelled. Reuters reported at the time that all unconfirmed pre-orders of the device would be cancelled if the company did not receive a response from the customer.

The report added that the cancellation would happen if there was no response from the customer and if the device was not shipped by May 31. It appears that the unconfirmed orders are now heading for cancellation since Samsung has not announced a new release date for the device.

The company notified those who pre-ordered through an e-mail. Samsung later spoke with Reuters about the e-mail and said that it was sent because it was required by US regulations.

Reports say that a new release date is coming soon but Samsung has not revealed exactly when. The Galaxy Fold went up for pre-orders on April 15, just days before its release date was delayed.

The foldable device reportedly took years and millions to develop. The Galaxy Fold made a brief appearance last year and it was officially announced in February 2019. During the event, Samsung revealed that the phone would start at a price of $1,980.

Samsung is among the few companies planning to release a foldable phone in 2019. Huawei has already confirmed and unveiled its very own version while other smartphone giants are also rumored to be working on one, among those is Xiaomi which already has shown two short videos of its foldable phone in action.