EA Access (PS4) – What We Know So Far

EA announced just a few days ago that its subscription service, EA Access, will be making its launch on the PlayStation 4 very soon. The service, which made its debut for the Xbox One back in August 2014, was originally an idea for both consoles. But Sony refused to participate, making Microsoft’s console the only one to have it.

Sony’s console will have the service nearly five years after its launch but EA has not confirmed every detail yet. Here is what we know about the subscription service for the PS4:

Price, Benefits and Bad News

One of the things that was confirmed is its price. The subscription will be available for $4.99 a month or $29.99 if you want to have the whole year. The price is exactly the same from the Xbox One.

EA Access offers a number of benefits for those who are signed up. One of them is the vault, which is a library of games that subscribers can play. The gaming service offers several games on the Xbox One but EA has not confirmed which titles will be on the PS4.

We guess that there will be a similar amount of games since the price is exactly the same on both consoles. The only thing that the PS4 might miss out on is the backwards compatible titles. On Xbox One, the service offers a number of Xbox 360 titles. Sony’s console does not have that feature, which means we probably won’t see old games from EA.

Another benefit that PS4 subscribers will likely have are the small discounts. The service offers a ten percent discount on digital purchases, including Ultimate Team points for FIFA and Madden. Apex Legends, which is also an EA game, has the discount on the Apex Legends coins.

EA Access also gives users the chance to try out games before buying them. The service has an option known as Play First Trials, which allows the subscriber to play up to ten hours of a title and determine if it is worth a buy. Many of us often watch reviews to see if the game is a solid buy but this option makes things a bit better since it actually allows you to try it yourself.

BGR has pointed out some bad news with the launch of the service on the PS4. The site explains that you’ll still need to have a subscription for the console even if you already have it for the Xbox One. This pretty much means that you’ll have to spend $10 a month on both consoles or $60 if you plan to have the annual subscription on the two. That’s not very expensive but it is a bit of bad news since the service will probably offer about the same on both sides.

EA Access

The subscription-based gaming service has been around for nearly five years. The service first launched on the Xbox One but EA later introduced a similar service known as Origin Access for PC.

The service currently offers more than 50 games on the Xbox One side. It is unclear how many the service will offer for the PS4 but it has been confirmed that it will arrive to the console in July.

EA will likely reveal some more details as the launch date gets closer.

Do you have EA Access on the Xbox One? Are you planning to subscribe on the PS4? Let us know in the comments.