Epic To Refund Players For Overpriced Wrap

In the last two seasons, battle royale game Fortnite has constantly released wraps for weapons and vehicles. Wraps are now something very common in the game, so much that they are included with skins and the purchase of other cosmetics.

Epic Games recently introduced a new wrap in the Item Shop but something was a little different with this one. The Slippery wrap did not have the regular pricing of that type of wrap.

It Was Not Animated

In previous sales, Epic has sold two different types of wraps, one animated and another not animated. The pricing has been 500 V-Bucks for the animated and 300 for the non-animated. But the Slippery wrap was introduced at 500 V-Bucks, which would be no problem if it was animated.

The wrap, which has a fish scale pattern, appeared in the shop for 500 despite not having any moving patterns. The wrap is cool but players quickly complained that it was a bit overpriced since it was not animated.

500 Was Too Much

It didn’t take long for Epic Games to respond to the complaints from players. Fortnite’s official Twitter account tweeted just two hours after the wrap’s release that it does not animate and that its price and rarity will be reduced to 300 V-Bucks. The post confirms that they will be refunding the difference to those who already have the wrap.

Polygon reports that the wrap is still in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks. This means that Epic will refund all the players who pay the higher price for the wrap. The Slippery wrap will probably leave the shop very soon so it will likely have the new price when it returns at some point. The price change probably means that Epic will keep the same prices for animated and non-animated wraps moving forward.

Previous Refunds

Epic Games has been quick on responding to these types of complaints and issues. The game developer recently gave out a free glider as a reward for those who had issues during the Unvaulting event, which took place just before Season 8 ended. The reward was given out to those who were part of the event or tried to be part of it. Epic Games also gave out refunds to those who had purchased the glider before it was given out for free.

The company has also been a bit generous too, allowing players to complete challenges to earn a free Battle Pass for Season 8. That didn’t return for Season 9 but Epic Games has continued giving out free cosmetics through LTMs and collaborations such as the one with John Wick and Marvel Avengers Endgame.

Did you purchase this wrap? Which other wraps have you purchased on Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.