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Fortnite BR: Arena Mode Could Soon Have Squads and Trios, New Leak Reveals

A recent leak has provided a bit of good news for those who want more from Fortnite’s Arena Mode. The competitive Arena Mode is currently available in the game but it does not feature Squads or Trios.

The game mode has featured Duos and Solos since the very beginning, forcing players to have smaller teams. But according to the leaks, this could change very soon. Epic Games has not confirmed anything related to the Arena Mode and its rumored expansion but this is a bit of good news for those who usually play Squads.

Squads and Trios Coming?

The leaks come from Makks, who not only revealed a Squads but also a Trios playlist for Arena Mode. Trios has been part of the regular game modes in the past but not for Arena Mode, which has a few extra settings. A Trios playlist is also very good news since some times players don’t have a full squad to play with.

Several streamers have requested the addition of Squads for Arena Mode. The competitive game modes have the settings that many players wanted to see in regular game modes such as Squads.

The addition would be a major change to the battle royale game. A few weeks back, the settings featured in the Arena Mode were part of the criticism against Epic Games, which decided to remove siphon from regular game modes.

Siphon Removed From Regular Lobbies

Siphon was featured in regular lobbies for only a few weeks but many players got used to the idea. The settings are a bit different since it rewards players with extra shield or health when they get an elimination. Materials are also limited to 500 instead of the 999.

Siphon was later removed from the regular lobbies and this brought a ton of criticism from streamers and pro players. Epic Games has kept the changes for regular lobbies, despite the requests to revert.

Back in late March, popular Fortnite streamers such as Fortnite criticized the idea of having just two game modes for Arena. One of them was Ninja, who criticized the changes by saying that squads were now boring. Other streamers doubted that they would ever play Squads again over the changes. Epic later explained why it removed siphon but the criticism continued.

Arena Mode – Settings, Duos and Solos

Epic Games has responded to the changes by featuring an Arena Mode with the settings that were previously featured in regular lobbies. The problem with that is the lack of Squads or any other game mode that features more than two teammates.

Trios was recently featured as part of the limited time game modes. The game mode is designed for three players only. Maybe this was a test to see how many players actually play this game mode. Nothing is really confirmed so we’ll have to wait for Epic to make an announcement.

What do you think about this leak? Would you like to see these two game modes on Arena? Let us know in the comments.





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