Feel confused about the writing task your instructor has given to you? Or maybe, you are struggling with writing a research paper and don’t know who to ask for advice? Students have to complete countless writing assignments these days, and the requirements from each assignment types are often different. Hiring a paper writing company isn’t the ideal solution as it doesn’t give you practical knowledge about how to compose a certain essay type. Luckily, there is a website that serves as a database of knowledge for writing all types of academic papers – Brief News

Most websites offering help with essays simply write custom essays for money. Although this might sound like a short-term solution, in the long run, students will have to learn to compose their essays on their own without any assistance. is positioned as a resource where students can get practical pieces of advice for writing papers in any discipline for free. They have writing guides which outline the peculiarities of writing different paper types – research papers, presentations, essays, business plans, dissertations, etc. Students can browse these tips and essay examples to learn how to write successful essays and put this knowledge into practice.

Free Writing Service: How It Works

The website contains different articles that are organized by categories and disciplines. The main categories of information include as follows:

  • Writing guides – the long informative articles outline each aspect of writing a particular paper type. Students can learn about the elements of the paper, writing style, structure and referencing. These guides offer practical, easy-to-use pieces of advice based on which everyone can compose a good college paper.

  • Topics and ideas – if the teacher allows you to choose the subject, here you can find many ideas of essay topics. Students can use a ready topic or make use of a thesis statement generator tool to create a custom topic.

  • Samples – to get a sense of what makes a good essay, it’s helpful to read essays written by others. Under this section, students can find sample essays on a variety of subjects and get inspired for writing their papers.

All that is available to you for free – without any charges-off and deductions. Since the service doesn’t have any specialist who could provide custom writing or tutoring services for students, it’s free to use. Anyone can access the database of knowledge and use it to learn to write essays of better quality than they can be proud of now. Thus, this resource is a great solution for those students who cannot afford or don’t want to pay for writing help.

Besides being free of charge, this service offers writing guides that cover a vast variety of disciplines – Journalism, American Literature, History, Management, Psychology, Information Technology, Geology, etc. has specific and detailed guides for completing the paper on any subject – all the effective tips are collected in one place. They collect all the information needed to produce a great essay, from step-by-step writing tips to practical advice, which makes it a go-to resource for students who often need advice in academic writing.

The website of this service is well-organized in a way which makes it easy to search for and browse the necessary information. You can look for information by categories or academic disciplines of your choice. And since all information is collected at one resource, you spend less time doing a web search for your paper. Moreover, if you have questions about writing a specific type of paper and your professor is out of reach, you can look up for the relevant article and find the answers there.

Other Benefits and Features

  • An ultimate resource of essay information for writing all kinds of papers for all academic disciplines;

  • Practical pieces of advice that you can use instantly to produce better essays and improve your academic writing skills;

  • The ease of use – all information is structured by categories and topics, and the sleek website is easy and convenient to use from a laptop or smartphone;

  • Extra features that help students in writing, such as bibliography generator that streamlines the referencing process and thesis statement generator;

  • Plagiarism checker – make sure you are submitting an original and properly-referenced paper. is different from a typical writing service – they are focused on providing helpful resources for writing, namely, essay writing guides, topic ideas, and paper samples. Using these resources, any student can learn to write great papers and improve their academic performance. Moreover, it’s totally free to use. So, if you are often assigned essay tasks, try using this service to strengthen your writing skills.

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