New Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date Coming Soon?

A few weeks back, Samsung was getting ready to release its Galaxy Fold phone. The device is unlike anything that the company has released before since it folds and transforms into a totally different phone.

The company sent out some devices to reviewers but the bad news arrived shortly after. Some started reporting that there were issues with the display while others showed smaller issues with the technology.

The issues were serious enough for the company to delay the phone, which was scheduled to release in late April for the US and early May for the UK. The South Korean tech giant said at the time that the device was delayed so they could evaluate feedback and run other tests.

The Galaxy Fold made its first appearance last year but it was officially introduced in early 2019. The device, which has a price of $1,980, is among the few foldable phones that have been announced by smartphone companies.

The Galaxy Fold would have been out by now since it was scheduled to be released in the US on April 26. In the UK, the phone would have launched today. But that all changed with the delay, which also led to event cancellations across the world.

Samsung said at the time that it had an idea on what was causing all the problems. But the company did not give any details on a new release date. The company simply delayed the phone and mentioned that it would continue its investigation.

It’s been a few days since the phone was delayed but SamMobile is already reporting that it believes that the new release date is coming soon. The rumors come from a statement that Samsung recently released on its plans to announce the Galaxy Fold. This is the second time that the company talks about a new release date.

This has obviously led to rumors about a new release date coming soon since the company has recently mentioned it twice. Samsung has not given any hints on the new release date but many expect it to be soon after all that’s been said.

Samsung hasn’t said much about the issues that popped up with the Galaxy Fold. But it appears that it has to do with the display. The display protection was something that many thought was a screen protector at first.

Samsung is one of four companies that are in the race to offer a foldable phone. The very first to announce a foldable phone was Royole with its FlexPai phone. Before the surprise announcement, it was rumored that Samsung and Huawei were in the race to be the first.

Samsung and Huawei have already unveiled their devices, which are both very expensive. They are actually much more expensive than any of the Galaxy or Mate phones they currently offer.

Xiaomi has recently made it clear that it is also interested in selling a foldable phone. The company has not held an official event for its phone but the device has already appeared in two teaser videos. The Chinese tech giant has not given major details but the teaser videos have shown part of its design and software.

Foldable phones are expected to take off this year after tons of rumors and information in 2018. What do you think about these devices? Are you planning to purchase one? Let us know in the comments.