PlayStation Classic – Why It Disappointed

Last year, Sony shocked gamers when it announced that a PlayStation Classic was coming to stores. It sounded like a great idea since the PlayStation is one of the greatest consoles of all time, featuring a lineup of games that is just awesome.

The PlayStation Classic was announced along with five games, including Tekken 3. The initial lineup was okay since it has some classics but gamers then learned that the console would be limited to a very low 20 games. The console doesn’t provide the option to download any more games, meaning you’re stuck with the games that you don’t like from the selection.

The 20 games immediately raised the alarms since the PlayStation has so many great games that just 20 would not be enough. This was obviously going to disappoint fans from genres who didn’t get games or just a few.

Sony announced the console with a $99 price, which was seen as a bit high by many since it is limited to just a few games. The console was released last year but we immediately saw signs that sales were not going well.

Just a few weeks after its release, the console was being sold in some retailers for as low as $70. That was a huge price cut for a console that had not been out for long. The lower price made it a little more attracting but the cuts didn’t stop there.

Just a few weeks back, the console was available at an even lower price on Amazon. The online retailer had sellers offering the console for as low as $40 used. There were some sellers offering it new for around the same price.

The micro-console trend has worked out for other companies such as Nintendo so it made sense for Sony to bring it back with some of its popular games. But things didn’t go smoothly in its release.

The lineup of 20 games is a bit disappointing but there were bigger problems in the games. Buyers reported several issues with the games, mainly in nine of them. The problem was said to be over the nine PAL versions that Sony decided to include with the console.

Tech sites showed some of the main problems that the Classic had, despite being a bit more powerful than the original release. There is slowed down audio as well as worse graphics in some of the cutscenes of the games.

The PAL versions are the ones with the most problems, with some complaining that the games are nearly unplayable. Some even pointed out that the original PS1 and PS Vita perform better.

The PlayStation Classic has been out for less than a year but its low price and recent discounts show that Sony’s attempt didn’t turn out well. At least one retailer, Best Buy, has started thinking of ways to give out the console. Just a few days ago, stores started offering a free PS Classic for every PS4 Pro purchase. I don’t know if the offer is still around today but this isn’t great news for a console that debuted back in December.

Sony had a nice idea on its hands with this one but things didn’t go the way gamers had imagined. But no one can rule out a next time since the micro-console trend has been a successful attempt for companies such as Nintendo and there are always gamers out there wanting to play classics.