PUBG Mobile’s Replacement In China Makes $14 Million On iOS

Battle royale games are quite popular around the world, even if it is not the version that players were originally looking to have. Market analyst Sensor Tower has revealed that the iOS version of Game for Peace has earned more than $14 million for Tencent in three days.

Game for Peace isn’t a game that’s known around the world since it was just released by the company. The game is not a new battle royale experiment, it’s actually the replacement of PUBG Mobile in China.

Game for Peace was recently in the news when it was revealed that it would become the replacement for the famous battle royale game. PUBG Mobile is quite popular around the world and was a hot title in China but the company with the rights, Tencent, ran into a big problem with it.

PUBG Mobile was available in China for a while but the company could not make much money out of it. The battle royale game could not be monetized since it didn’t meet the guidelines of the Chinese government.

In China, games must be submitted to the government for approval. The country is a huge market for the gaming industry but the strict guidelines left PUBG Mobile with no ways to make money. The majority of battle royale games are free and they make most of their money off purchases made for cosmetics. Fortnite and Apex Legends are among the many battle royale games that have a similar model.

In November 2017, Tencent acquired the exclusive rights to PUBG in its home market of China. The plans appeared to be to bring the game to the country but it was already known at the time that the company would have to work hard to meet the strict guidelines for games there. At the time, Tencent made it clear that it would have to make changes to meet player expectations and government regulations.

Throughout the years, there have been rumors of the government banning battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite. Just a few months back, there was even a list of games that were rumored to be banned. The list included several battle royale games as well as other video games that have violence.

To get approval, Tencent decided to develop Game for Peace. The battle royale game was reportedly approved so the company can finally make some money. The new release brings a few changes and many are already calling it a watered down version of the famous battle royale game.

Shortly after its release, many began pointing out its bizarre changes. According to gaming and tech sites, the game leaves out dead bodies and introduces a socialist theme. The game itself remains battle royale but the changes have been done to meet the guidelines.

Game analysts say that the games are still very similar, with Cui Chenyu recently telling Reuters that the gameplay, background, graphic design and characters are almost the same.

Game for Peace is now available in the country and players can even transfer their ranking and items from PUBG Mobile, which was released in early 2018. PUBG Mobile is an alternate version of the famous PUBG game available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The mobile version of the battle royale game is designed to run on less powerful platforms such as smartphones and tablets.