Samsung Galaxy Fold Delayed Again, Report Says

Samsung’s first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, will not be coming in June, according to a report. The Galaxy Fold was set to be released on April 26 but the company announced a delay just a few days before.

Samsung has not given any details on a new release date but recent reports had suggested that the phone would be coming some time in June. The company even mentioned that there would be a new release date announced soon.

A new report rules out a close release date but adds that the company is still planning an announcement for a new release date in the next few weeks. SamMobile also reports that there is a possibility of the device first coming to South Korea.

The Galaxy Fold made a quick appearance in late 2018 before being officially unveiled in February 2019. The phone was set to be released in the US on April 26 but that changed with some of the reports from early reviewers.

The Galaxy Fold was initially handed out to early reviewers, who were given the opportunity to test out Samsung’s first foldable device. The reports from early reviewers were not good news for Samsung.

Some of the reviewers reported issues with the technology and the display. In some cases, the displays ended up breaking or not functioning properly. The reports of the issues forced Samsung to delay the release of the device.

Samsung said it would conduct more tests but the company did not reveal a new release date. It has been over a month since the phone was first delayed, raising questions among the tech world on if the phone will be released in the near future.

The South Korean company said shortly after the phone’s first delay that it would cancel pre-orders if it did not hear back from its customers before May 31 and if the phone was not shipped before that date.

May 31 is almost here so many pre-orders not responded by customers will likely be cancelled by the company. According to reports, the notification was sent to customers through an e-mail. Samsung confirmed this was done to meet US regulations.

Yesterday, tech retailer Best Buy announced that it was cancelling all pre-orders of the phone. The Galaxy Fold was available for pre-order less than two weeks before its release. The company explained that it was cancelling them since Samsung has not announced a new release date.

The Galaxy Fold has a price of $1,980, making it one of the most expensive phones offered by the company. Foldable technology was expected to take off this year but it has ran into a wall so far. Samsung’s phone appears to be on its second delay while Huawei, which recently unveiled an even more expensive foldable device, has its own problems with the whole operating system dispute and its battle with the US government.┬áRoyole is currently the only one in the market with its FlexPai phone, which reports say sold out during its first sale.

Xiaomi has pretty much confirmed that it is working on one but the Chinese giant has not given any major details on that device. Their focus right now appears to be on the Mi Mix 4.