How smart can your bathroom be?

The internet of things (IoT) is a marvel of modern invention that is slowly but surely changing the game when it comes to how we live our lives at home. Most of the innovations, however, tend to focus on more cosmetic flourishes (remote light switches and automatic ‘playlist activation’) or little things that make our lives a little easier (voice-activated smart speakers that control our smart devices and fridges that order their own replacement stock).

These are often focused primarily on the main ‘living spaces’ – the lounge and the kitchen/dining room. But one space that often gets overlooked in the ‘smartification’ process is the bathroom. What the gadgets and gizmos below prove without a shadow of a doubt though, is that your bathroom doesn’t have to be left behind!

Smart mirrors – We spend a fair amount of our time in the bathroom looking in the mirror, whether we like to admit it or not. The mirror is also the ideal place to start your smart bathroom adventure as they are perfect surfaces for touchscreen implementation. Smart mirrors are surprisingly affordable and many of them run the Android and iOS operating systems, which will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a smartphone (so, anyone then).

Smart toilets – Of course, Japan have been enjoying fancy toilets for years, but it would appear the west is about to catch up. Intelligent loos might once have been thought of as the stuff of science fiction, but the Kohler brand is currently working on a smart toilet that can be flushed by voice command! If you’re hoping to install these smart toilets yourself, however, be aware that they are still toilets so will still need to be plumbed in and installed. This will require not only a decent grasp of DIY but the right tools. In this regard, SGS Engineering should have you covered.

Smart sound – Who doesn’t enjoy have a good sing-song in the shower? Well, now that joy can be amplified quite comfortably with a speaker system that’s built right into the shower head itself. Smart showers have also been designed with LEDs that create bespoke colour patterns to reflect your mood, which might seem like an unnecessary addition, but wait until you’ve tried it!

Smart taps – Once again tapping into the innate human desire to do as little as possible in the mornings, these taps and faucets use facial recognition to recognise who you are and how hot (or cold) you like your morning shower or bath. Not only does this make hygiene less work but you’ll also end up using a lot less water so you’ll save money (and the planet) in the long run.

Smart scales – Finally, with the world of fitness constantly evolving and anyone with even the faintest interest in health now owning at least a few FitBits, surely, it’s about time the good old fashioned bathroom scales caught up. Smart scales such as the Smart Body Analyser from Withings will not only measure your weight but your BMI, heart rate and plenty more besides.

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