Friday, February 3, 2023

T-Series Becomes First YouTube Channel To Reach 100 Million Subscribers

YouTube channel T-Series has become the first on the popular video site to reach 100 million subscribers. The Indian YouTube channel took the record over PewDiePie, who has set other records on the video site in recent years.

T-Series and the Swedish YouTuber have been in a battle for the top spot on YouTube. T-Series, which features movie trailers and music videos, has seen a huge growth over the last two years.

PewDiePie held the top spot on YouTube for around six years but that changed a few months back when T-Series caught up. The Swedish YouTuber managed to hold the spot in several occasions, despite the quick rise of T-Series.

T-Series is now four million subscribers over PewDiePie but the lead was much smaller a few weeks back. In March, both channels reached 90 million subscribers. The channels reached that number within hours of each other.

For months, the two channels battled for the top spot. PewDiePie, who posts less content than T-Series, was able to hold on to the spot with the support of some of the biggest channels on the video site. The Swedish YouTuber even held a livestream playing Fortnite to gain some subscribers and hold off T-Series.

After several close attempts, T-Series took the spot in March. The change at the top spot wasn’t exactly a surprise since T-Series has been growing at a much faster pace than any other channel.

PewDiePie’s videos often see great numbers but the Swedish YouTuber doesn’t upload as much content as T-Series. The Indian YouTube channel has many videos and some of them see hundreds of millions of views in a short amount of time. Videos from five months ago have 551 million and 220 million views.

Independent reports that T-Series has 25 other channels across the video site. The channels include music, comedy and kids content. The channels have billions of views combined, making T-Series a giant.

PewDiePie continues to be the most popular channel compared to other YouTubers with similar content. The Swedish YouTuber broke several records during his six year reign and continues to see millions of views on every video.

Yesterday’s video has nearly four million views while his most recent video, posted just an hour ago, has around 500,000 views. His video congratulating T-Series on the top spot has 112 million views.

PewDiePie will likely be the second channel to cross 100 million subscribers. The two channels have a giant lead over the third, fourth and fifth most subscribed channels. The closest to the two has around 55 million subscribers at the moment.



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