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10 Criteria of Choosing a Legit Academic Writing Service

Students buy academic papers. No need to waste your time discussing why, so let’s just talk about how to choose a professional and legit academic writing service to have a satisfactory experience without paying extra.

Do Your Friends Recommend It?

Well, many students don’t want to ask their friends about professional academic writing services they address online because they are afraid to get caught or to get laughed at. Of course, you should not talk loud about such things during the lecture or seminar, but you definitely should make some preliminary research among your friends about the issue, as they can give you some truly valuable tips on which academic writing service to choose.

Do Students On the Internet Recommend It?

Go online and look for references. If the company is too young and doesn’t have much feedback online, it is better to look for another agency, especially if your assignment is valuable. There is also no such thing as 10/10 rated service, as mistakes are inevitable. You just need to focus on something that truly matters for you. For example, the task if urgent and students write about a particular service that it is very quality but has problems with timely delivery. If this kind of feedback is often seen you should address another company for your safety.

Does It Look Reputable from the First Glance?

It is the point where you need to lean on your intuition and think whether the particular website looks good enough for you or not. You may not realize it, but intuition works, as it is just your accumulated experience talking earlier than you can realize that something is wrong.

Can You Find Terms and Conditions Section Easily?

Reputable services have nothing to hide from you, they actually want you to be aware of the terms and conditions of their work, so you don’t have many extra questions later. If you can’t find this section easily, it is a bad sign, and it is better not to trust this company. If you find Terms and Conditions and they don’t cover such major matters as revision policy or timely delivery, it is another reason to pass on this service.

Are You Satisfied with the Offered Guarantees?

Once you find Terms and Conditions section look for guarantees, and read carefully their description. Often, reputable agencies put guarantees on the first page, so you can check on how your experienced is backed up. Look for Money Back Guarantee, Confidentiality Guarantee, and others.

Is the Pricing Policy Logical?

The prices can be lower or higher but the major idea is the pricing policy should be logical. You should understand how the final cost of your order is formed. Normally, there are three major factors which influence the final price: the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages and the year of your education. Urgent orders are naturally more expensive than not urgent ones, so order in advance to save money.

Are There Any Extra Payments?

Of course, there can be some extra payments but they should not be forced on you, they should be only optional. For example, if you are not a native speaker of the English language and you are just in the beginning of your education journey, it has no meaning to pay extra 25% for a ‘native’ writing a paper for you.

Does the Service Work Around-the-Clock?

It should not only take orders 24/7 but also assign them with the same schedule. You should be able to send a revision request any time and make your paper “great again” no matter the hour.

What About the Risk of Plagiarism?

It should be directly stated that the writing service of your choice uses anti-plagiarism software to make sure the final draft of your paper is 100% original. Some services even offer their customers to use free anti-plagiarism checkers for double-checks.

Is the Support Service Friendly?

It is not the most crucial point among the listed ones, but it is also a point you should take note of. The friendly staff is more willing to help if some emergency happens or you get into a conflict situation with an assigned writer.

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