AT&T Is the Latest To Cancel Galaxy Fold Pre-orders

Telecommunications company AT&T has decided to cancel pre-orders for Samsung’s foldable phone, Galaxy Fold. The news of the cancellation were first reported by tech website Tom’s Guide.

AT&T has announced that the Galaxy Fold will be available for pre-order as soon as the company announces a new launch date for the foldable phone. The telecommunications company is now offering $100 in credit to those who pre-ordered the device and had their orders cancelled.

Samsung recently confirmed that it would have a new launch date in the coming weeks. Reports have previously put the launch date in May, June and July. The foldable phone was originally set to be released on April 26 in the US and May 2 in the UK.

The foldable phone was near its release when early reviewers began reporting issues with the display and its foldable technology. The issues were so concerning that Samsung was forced to delay the release of the phone, which was officially announced back in February.

The South Korean company said at the time that it would conduct more tests. A report recently mentioned that the phone would probably have a launch date in July and not in June.

Last month, Best Buy decided to cancel all the pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold. The tech retailer explained that it was done because the company did not have a new launch date for the device.

Samsung announced days after the delay that it would cancel pre-orders if the customers did not respond to a notification or if the device was not shipped by May 31. The Galaxy Fold was available for pre-order just days before it was delayed. AT&T is now the third company to cancel pre-orders of the phone, which suggests that the wait could be very long.

The Galaxy Fold, which made a brief appearance in late 2018, is the company’s first foldable phone. It is also one of the companies most expensive phones, with a starting price of $1,980.

Samsung was looking to be among the first companies to release a foldable device. Back in 2018, Royole shocked the tech world when it announced the first ever foldable phone. Samsung and Huawei later followed with their own announcements.

Foldable devices began making headlines last year and were supposed to grab all the attention this year. It has been a different story so far as Samsung has delayed its release while Huawei is in the middle of a battle with the US government. Royole has already taken pre-orders and sold out its phone, according to reports, but the phone is not available around the world yet.

Smartphone giants such as Xiaomi, Sony and Oppo might end up catching up. In recent months, Xiaomi has released two teasers of its phone, which appears to be ready. Sony is rumored to be working on the Xperia F and a phone with six cameras. It is currently unclear if it is the same phone but their foldable device is said to be coming in 2020.

Yesterday, a report revealed that Oppo is also working on a foldable phone. The device is said to be foldable but the big highlight from the patent is that it will have a pop-up camera. The Chinese smartphone giant already has some experience with pop-up cameras since they were used on the Oppo Find X.