Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cross-Play Will Be Similar To Fortnite

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was announced last week and many fans are excited as Infinity Ward has confirmed a ton of changes and features. One of the biggest confirmations so far is that the game will feature cross-play, which means players will be paired up against other consoles.

Cross-play is still a rare feature in video games, with just a few titles such as Fortnite, Dauntless and Rocket League having a system in which PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android can play together.

A report from Forbes about the feature makes it sound like it will be similar to Fortnite. The report was also said to be backed up by an IW producer on social media so it appears that it is all accurate.

The feature is said to be input based, meaning you’ll only play against those who are using controllers or keyboard if you are on PC. This is probably being done to keep things even between players on different platforms.

Fortnite’s cross-play began with the feature allowing PC to pair up against Xbox One or PS4 users. The feature was later expanded when Sony announced cross-play last year, allowing all platforms to play together.

Fortnite’s cross-play does keep things separate when it comes to platforms. For example, a full party of PS4 players will only be matched up against Xbox One players. Things change when there is a PC player in a party of PS4 or Xbox One players. The party is matched up against other PC players.

Other platforms on Fortnite also have their restrictions when it comes to facing other players. For example, the Nintendo Switch was once allowed to play against other consoles but that changed in March 2019. The matchmaking change put the Nintendo Switch against iOS and Android players.

The studio explained that it was done to manage the difficulty. The change is only for random matchmaking, which means you can still go up against PC, Xbox One or PS4 players if you happen to have a player from those platforms in your party. Players can easily tell if a player in the party or game is from another platform by looking at the icon next to their name.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is said to be a reboot of the popular COD Modern Warfare series, will likely be the fourth game to feature full-cross play. The lineup of cross-play has grown slowly after the full introduction of it on Fortnite.

The second game to feature full cross-play was Rocket League and that was introduced earlier this year. Dauntless recently became the third after arriving to the Xbox One and PS4 last month.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released in late October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. What do you think about the upcoming COD game? Are you happy about COD’s cross-play? Let us know in the comments.