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Dominican Republic: Punta Cana Hotel Says US Tourist Asked For Compensation

The Majestic Elegance hotel located in Punta Cana has broken its silence on the incident involving a US tourist who was seriously injured during her stay there. The hotel has revealed that Tammy Lawrence asked for a $2 million compensation before posting her story on social media.

Last week, the US tourist made a post on Facebook in which she explained how she had been attacked in an area of the resort. The post said that she was attacked by a man who had the logo of the hotel.

Asked for Compensation, According to Report

Listin Diario reports that the tourist asked for the compensation before releasing the story to the public. The hotel decided not to compensate her and she decided to make the post on social media.

In her post, she explains that she traveled with her husband and friends in January. The group visited the Dominican Republic but her vacation was cut short on the second day. She said that during the second night of their stay, she was hungry and decided to call room service. The service was not available since it was late so she decided to look for a vending machine to buy a snack. On the way, she was attacked by a man, who dragged her to the basement and hit her with a stick and attempted to strangle her.

Her husband, Christopher Daley, said that when he reported her as missing, hotel staff did not help in the search. On Tuesday, the hotel spoke with Daily Mail and denied that staff refused to help.

Found Hours Later

The statement to Daily Mail explains that according to the woman’s report, she was attacked shortly after 23:00. The statement adds that her husband reported her as missing at 02:30 and that they started a search operation minutes later. The hotel adds that she was found at 06:40.

The statement explains that she had bruises and a broken nail but no other injuries such as scratches or other signs of violence on the rest of her body. The hotel also repeated the comments from the police, which said that the couple refused to file a report on the incident.

The statement from the hotel says that a US official visited her during her time in the hospital but that she refused to make a complaint. Her husband has denied the police’s comments, saying they did file a complaint before returning to the US. He also accused authorities of not sending any information on the case, despite them saying it would be sent some time in February.

Police Responds

The police has responded to her husband, saying through a spokesman that they had doubts on the story from his wife and that there are many questions on their stories of that incident. Police have said that their stories and information from that incident need to be investigated and that it can’t give out more information at the moment. The resort has said it is cooperating with authorities on the case.





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