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How Much Money Can Coupon Codes Save You?

Many people use coupons at least occasionally, according to a 2014 survey. The most popular type of coupons still remains paper coupons—the ones you can clip from Sunday newspapers. People are also printing a lot of coupons online and entering the coupon codes during online checkouts.

But how much can you save with free coupon codes? Well, to answer this question, let’s first see whether or not you can really save with coupons. We have asked also CouponCause, a leading website in the online coupon industry and they confirmed us that people can really save big with coupons if they know where, when and what to look for.

Can you really save with coupon codes?

The answer to this question is an astounding YES. When used wisely, coupon codes can be a great way to save on anything you’d like to purchase.

Imagine this scenario: Your manager gives you a cheque for $1000 and tells you that the organization has allocated X% amount of bonus to its employees and that the $1000 is your share. Will you decline the cheque? Of course nobody would! You will immediately put the money in the bank or use it to sort out other bills or just treat yourself instead.

Coupons work in a similar fashion, only that the payoff is in smaller increments. Businesses allocate a lot of money every year to attract potential customers to their products and services. Part of the money is then distributed to shoppers or loyal customers—in the form of coupon or discounts. If you are a shopper or a loyal customer and you throw away the coupons instead of redeeming them, you don’t get the savings.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount of money that you can save with coupon codes majorly depends on your couponing efforts or the type of couponer you decide to become. Here is a quick breakdown of what we are talking about:

  • Casual Couponer: A casual couponer is essentially a beginner in the world of couponing. This is a person who is comfortable with 2 to 3 coupons after picking a whole cart of groceries. They will save less—about $2 to $3 at best.
  • Non-Brand Shopper: This group comprises of people who don’t care about brands. They can go for a generic brand or a knock off over a company with a big name. They don’t have to always go for branded items. They can save more than the casual couponer—even up to $50 on items like clothes and sunglasses.
  • Coupon Deals Shopper: These are shoppers who are focused on saving more and are smart enough to combine a store sale with manufacturer’s coupon. They are ready to wait for the sale or offer to purchase the items they are interested in. They end up saving up to 80% with coupon deals.
  • Extreme Couponer: This last category is comprised of people who are serious about couponing. They are always ready to hunt for bigger and better deals. They can use multiple coupons on buy one get one free (or BOGO) sale. They can save a lot of money on every item that they buy.

Final Verdict

Using coupon codes is a great way of saving money. It is not about saving $1 to $2 at a local grocery store. A couponing mindset goes much further than the habitual behavior of trying to save on almost any item that’s purchased. It is a mix of strategy and lifestyle.



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