Samsung Already Planning a Galaxy Fold 2?

Samsung has not released its Galaxy Fold phone but the South Korean company may already be looking ahead. ET News reports that the company may have a clamshell phone in the plans. The device is now being compared to the many concepts we’ve seen of the rumored Motorola Razr.

A clamshell phone is an interesting idea since it would be a different design from what Samsung has been showing its fans. According to the news site, the device would feature a 6.7-inch display that is equipped with a 1-inch display for notifications when it is folded. The famous Motorola Razr had a really small screen with a wallpaper, time and notifications. Its design and display have drawn comparisons to the rumored Galaxy Fold 2.

This is not the first crazy idea that we hear from Samsung in recent weeks. Not too long ago, LetsGoDigital reported about a Samsung patent that shows a phone that is completely different from the rest.

The patent, which was said to be filed last year, shows a phone with a display that can be rolled out. The feature turns the display from a regular sized display to a much larger display.

The device looks like a regular smartphone when it has not been rolled out. The patent doesn’t show parts of the phone but a triple front camera can be seen in one of the images. The patent filing does not confirm that Samsung is getting ready to release this device in the near future. It just means that it could decide to work on one at some point.

It is unclear if these phones will ever be released but several tech sites are now calling them the Galaxy Fold 2, a series that hasn’t even seen its first release yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has ran into some problems early on, forcing the company to delay the device. The Galaxy Fold, which was officially announced in February, was delayed back in April after early reviewers found some problems with its technology.

The Galaxy Fold, which is one of the most expensive phones ever announced by the company, is much different than any other release. The foldable device was announced after years and years of reports but Samsung was forced to make a delay to conduct more tests and make sure that the technology was 100 percent ready.

The delay has taken longer than expected, with Best Buy and AT&T recently announcing that they had cancelled pre-orders. Samsung even announced after the launch was pushed back that they would cancel pre-orders if they did not get a response from customers and if the device was not shipped by the end of May.

The Huawei Mate X was also delayed, with reports revealing that the company had decided on this to avoid making any mistakes. The Mate X was announced right around the same time as the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold has not had a good start but it appears that Samsung has big plans for a sequel. A foldable, a rollable and now a clamshell phone? The future of smartphones sounds quite interesting.