Samsung Exec: Galaxy Fold ‘Ready To Hit the Market’

Samsung’s big release of 2019, the Galaxy Fold, has ran into some problems early on. The foldable device is not out after being delayed by the company almost two months ago. But Kim Seong-cheol has some good news for those who want to have the foldable phone.

The Vice President of Samsung Display said during a speech yesterday that the foldable device is ”ready to hit the market”, according to The Korea Herald. The Samsung official said just before that most of the display problems had been ironed out.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Initial Release Date, Price

The Galaxy Fold made its first appearance in late 2018 and was officially unveiled earlier this year. The foldable device was getting ready for its release on April 26 when early reviewers began pointing out a few issues with the device.

The issues forced the company to delay the release of the phone, which has a starting price of $1,980. The tech giant did not give details on a new release date, which is now rumored to be in July.

Tech sites recently reported that Samsung had said a new launch date would be revealed in the coming weeks. The company has not commented on the words from the official.

Pre-orders Cancelled, New Launch Coming Soon?

The Galaxy Fold is off to a troubled start so far, retailer Best Buy has already cancelled pre-orders for the device, explaining that it had taken the decision over a lack of release date. Telecommunications company AT&T followed that announcement by revealing that it was also cancelling pre-orders for the phone. The company confirmed that pre-orders will be back once Samsung announces a new launch date.

Samsung itself announced days after the delay that it would cancel pre-orders for its foldable phone if it did not hear back from its customers and if the device was not shipped by the end of May.

Since the delay, reports have put the new launch date on May, June and now July. The recent comments by the company could mean a launch date for next month but we’ll have to wait since we’re still a little over midway through June.

Samsung is one of two companies that have delayed their foldable devices to make sure that everything is okay. The other is Huawei, which announced its Mate X phone right around the same time as the Galaxy Fold.

Huawei Mate X Also Delayed

The Chinese smartphone giant recently delayed the phone to avoid making any mistakes. The highly anticipated phone is one of three foldable devices that have been announced since 2018. The Mate X is the most expensive foldable phone so far, with a price tag over $2,500. Its release is now said to be happening in September.

The delays leave Royole as the only company on track for a foldable phone release. Back in 2018, the company shocked the world when it came out of nowhere to announce the FlexPai phone. The announcement came around the time in which reports had Huawei and Samsung going head to head to be the first company to announce this kind of phone.