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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

As the summer winds down and fall rapidly approaches, even more people than ever are hitting the roads on their motorcycles. Motorcycles can give you a real sense of freedom while you ride, but at the same time, they put you at a greater risk of an accident and serious injuries. A crash while riding such a slim, light vehicle can be absolutely devastating and have consequences that can stay with you for a lifetime if you sustain injuries. While this is a terrifying prospect, it is so important to know what you must do after you have gotten into a crash while riding. There are certain steps you should take immediately after a motorcycle accident.

Get Out of the Road

If you are physically able to do so, the first thing you should do immediately after a motorcycle accident is to get out of the road. Getting to safety is imperative so that there are no further accidents or even worse injuries.

Exchange Contact Information

After you and anyone else who was involved in the accident has gotten out of the roadway and is in a safer area, you can then exchange names and contact information. You should at least get the names, phone numbers, addresses, insurance information, driver’s license and license plate numbers of the other drivers who were in the accident. This information is essential to have, especially if you are injured or your motorcycle has been badly damaged and you plan to file a claim with someone else’s insurance company later on.

Call for Emergency Services

Call 911 to ensure that the police and emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene of the accident as soon as possible. It is imperative to ask the police officer to take a police accident report, especially if you have been injured and if there has been property damage that is worth over $500. Once the police report has been made and filed, your motorcycle personal injury attorney can later obtain a copy of it for your claim.

Be sure to get the name and badge number of the responding police officers so your lawyer can contact them if they need to do so for your case.

When emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene, you can be transported to the hospital via ambulance to get medically checked out for your injuries. It is so important to have doctors and other medical professionals examine you because you might be harboring serious injuries that may not manifest until later after your adrenaline has lessened.

Take Photos

Take photos of the scene of the motorcycle accident if you are well enough to manage it. They can serve as valuable evidence to back up your personal injury claim. Be sure to capture images of your motorcycle and any damage it has sustained, the other vehicle or vehicles, the road, skid marks, notable traffic and weather conditions and any other property damage pertinent to the accident. It can help when your motorcycle injury lawyer is building up your case.

Take Notes

If you are able to manage to do it, you should take notes of the events surrounding the accident and how you felt at the time immediately after it occurred. Jot down anything that seems relevant, including any physical symptoms you are feeling with your injuries. Your attorney can use these notes to your advantage in the event that you might later forget any details after you have filed your personal injury claim. Take down information such as the location of where the accident took place, the conditions on the road, weather conditions, lighting conditions and other essential information. Finally, be sure to keep all of your notes neatly organized.

Talk to Witnesses

People who witness an accident are often integral to a personal injury claim. They can help to back up your account of the motorcycle accident and can prove who was at fault and what exactly happened. Speak with witnesses who saw the accident as it occurred and either record their accounts on your smartphone or have them write down what they saw. You should also get their names and phone numbers so your motorcycle accident attorney can contact them if necessary.

Keep Conversation to a Minimum

Any type of road accident is a harrowing experience that can shake anyone up. As a result, it’s only natural for people to start talking and apologize for something that took place. However, this is one of the worst things you can do after a motorcycle accident. It’s important to remember that anything you say, even if it’s an innocent “I’m sorry,” can be used against you if you later decide to file a personal injury claim. Now is the time to use your wits. Don’t make much conversation and definitely avoid apologizing or admitting fault for anything.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Finally, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to alert a representative of your motorcycle accident. Again, do not admit to any fault and just stick to the facts. Your personal injury attorney can later speak with an agent if it’s necessary.

These are all of the important steps you must take after getting into a motorcycle accident. If you have been injured in such an incident on the road, it’s important to have an experienced motorcycle personal injury attorney on your side. West Coast Trial Lawyers is there for you and will fight for your rights every step of the way as you can get in touch with a motorcycle injury lawyer. Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers at your earliest convenience to discuss your case with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

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