Amazon Prime Day: Pricing Error Puts Camera Equipment At Very Low Prices

Amazon Prime Day is a day in which Prime members can find discounts and deals on hundreds of products sold by the online retailer. Prime Day recently went live and customers rushed to the website to buy products at much lower prices.

Some customers found more than just discounts though. The online retailer had some camera equipment going for prices that customers couldn’t believe. The expensive camera equipment was found for $94.48 during Prime Day.

The low price was first spotted on a camera that was previously priced at $548. The $94.48 price caught the attention of the customer, who posted about the discount on Slickdeals. The post made the frontpage of the website and users later pointed out that other expensive camera equipment was going for the same price.

Orders Going Through?

Cameras, camera gear and bundles were all available at very low prices. Many rushed to the website after seeing the posts about the discounts. Some of them reported that they were able to buy thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment for just a few hundred dollars.

Customers posted about their purchases on reddit and other websites. One customer said he bought a $13,000 lens for just $94.48. Another customer said he bought a $5,500 camera for the same price.

The camera equipment being sold at the same price likely means that there was some sort of error made by the online retailer. In some cases, retailers cancel all orders when there is an error that leads to a product being sold at a much lower price. But reports say some of the sales from Amazon are probably going through.

Similar Reports Last Year

This is not the first time that this happens during Prime Day, according to Fuji Rumors. The website reports that there were similar reports last year, with camera equipment going for 90 percent off.

Q13 FOX reports that not all orders have been cancelled by the retailer. The news site reports that several customers got a notification saying that their orders had been shipped. The site adds that some customers decided to call customer service to ask about it and were told that the orders would be shipped.

There are reports of people receiving their orders on the same day. Some customers have reported that the price is not visible on their accounts while others claim that their accounts were locked after placing multiple orders. The online retailer has not confirmed if this was an error by the website.

Amazon Prime Day, Latest On Recent Edition

Amazon Prime Day debuted in July 2015 as part of the company’s 20th anniversary. It was so successful that Prime Day has returned every year. This year’s edition was a bit different from the rest as the online retailer announced weeks before that Prime Day would last 48 hours instead of the usual 36.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 reportedly broke sales records, something that the company has repeatedly done for most of the editions. What did you think of this year’s Prime Day? Let us know in the comments.