Apex Legends: Respawn Is Dealing With Cheaters In An Interesting Way

Respawn’s Apex Legends is one of the most popular video games on the battle royale genre. The game, released in early 2019, has caught the attention of millions of players. Among the millions is a small group of cheaters who ruin all the fun.

Respawn has been very serious on its efforts to stop cheaters. In recent months, reports have revealed that the game developer has removed and banned accounts from those caught cheating. Respawn Entertainment is probably among the game developers who have banned the most cheaters this year but they are not done yet.

Respawn’s Battle Against Cheaters

The game developer recently gave details on its battle against cheaters. The company wrote that developers are using machine learning to create behavior models that find and ban cheaters. On top of that, the game developer is adding two-factor authorization among a few other things when it comes to high risk accounts.

Those are some good steps when it comes to stopping cheaters. But the most interesting part is how the game is dealing with cheaters. Instead of going after every cheater, the game is matching them up, meaning they get to play against each other.

Cheating has been a huge problem for battle royale games, actually every game, especially on PC. Respawn has already banned thousands, with some of those bans coming shortly after the debut of the game. The idea of matching them up is an interesting one since game developers usually just ban them.

Other Moves Against Cheaters

Other game developers such as Epic Games have instead gone after those showing and selling cheats. In recent months, the gaming giant has filed lawsuits against cheaters and even those posting videos about them.

Cheating is very difficult to stop on any video game but this is one of the most interesting ideas so far. Battle royale cheaters are usually seen hitting incredible shots and having other advantages over players. But can you imagine a whole game of cheaters going after each other without knowing? Respawn’s idea is quite interesting and it wouldn’t be surprising if other game developers decided to do the same in the future.

Also Looking At Teams

Respawn is also looking at the teams that join those games. The game developer wrote that even if you are not using a cheat, teaming up with cheaters is still considered cheating. Respawn also wrote that the war against cheaters will be ongoing and that it remains a high priority for them. The game developer finished by thanking all the players that have been getting involved in stopping cheaters by submitting reports.

Apex Legends, a free to play title available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4, recently entered Season 2, which brings a new Battle Pass as well as some changes to the maps and weapons. The debut of the new season has been slowed down by server issues that happen before a match starts but a patch is expected to be released soon.

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