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What Is Better: HGH or Testosterone?

If you are looking at hormone supplements, you may be asking yourself “Should I take HGH or testosterone?” It is important to compare these two hormones because they both have different effects on the body. These hormones are often used by athletes and by people who need hormones for medical conditions. Before discussing which hormone could be best suited to your needs, a quick review of both hormones is in order. 

HGH (or somatotropin) is a protein hormone that plays a critical role in human physical development. The pituitary gland, located near the base of the brain, is responsible for producing this hormone. Young teenagers typically have the highest levels of this hormone in their bodies, while adults have lower levels of the hormone. HGH influences height, bone development, and muscle growth. It can be used medically for children who have no/low levels of growth hormone in their bodies or for adults who need growth hormone supplements for improved health. Growth hormones are often used by athletes who want to improve their stamina and energy levels. These hormone injections are also sometimes used as a way to slow the aging process or lose weight. Nonmedical usage of this protein hormone is illegal in the U.S. 

Testosterone is also produced naturally in the body. It is a hormone that controls fertility, distribution of fat, and muscle mass. It is primarily a male sex hormone, but women have testosterone in their bodies at much lower levels. It can also be used medically in order to correct conditions related to low levels of the hormone. It will generally decrease with age, which typically results in mood swings, reduced mental capacity, low libido, and decreased bone mass. While these aspects of aging are normal, hormone injections can be used to slow down their appearances. 

Is HGH better than testosterone? 

A doctor’s input may be required in order for you to determine which hormone is most beneficial for you. When weighing HGH vs testosterone, consider the risks that may come with each option. Human growth hormone can come with a host of varied side effects. They are not a prudent option for those who have a pre-existing severe illness, cancer, injuries or recent surgery, or difficulty breathing. Long-term use of these injections requires the supervision of medical professionals from HRT clinics like HRTGuru. They may deliver an increase in energy, but using illegal GH without a doctor’s care can be unsafe.

Testosterone therapy is an option for those who wish to consult a doctor on hormone therapy. It can be a good option if low levels of this hormone are present in men, but it can come with unexpected side effects. For example, men taking this hormone may see increased muscle size. Therapy using this hormone may help produce virilizing effects, and it can also bring other changes. The human liver metabolizes the hormone at a high speed. When choosing between HGH or testosterone therapy, determine what your goals are and consider a doctor’s advice. 

Does taking HGH boost testosterone levels? 

There is some evidence that growth hormone can help increase the production of testosterone. However, somatotropin therapy may not be enough on its own to significantly improve low-T levels. Evidence suggests that somatotropin therapy combined with T-therapy can produce stronger results. In short, HGH can boost testosterone levels. However, GH therapy may be more effective when complemented with other methods. 

Does a high level of testosterone lead to a high level of HGH? 

It is not entirely clear if high T-levels can directly influence high somatotropin levels. However, there is a study that suggests that this could be the case. T-levels may be able to enhance the effects of GH to increase IGF-1, a protein that is critical for childhood growth. They may also be able to modulate GH secretion in the hypothalamus, though this evidence was gathered from a study involving monkeys. It is not presently clear how the anabolic hormones interact with one another to raise GH levels. 

What are the best ways to optimize your GH and T-levels? 

While either HGH or testosterone therapy may be effective options for improving GH or T-levels, there may be other options that can optimize these hormones in the body. A diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can promote GH production. A diet that has a relatively low level of carbohydrates and fats and a high level of lean proteins will also stimulate GH production in the body. Foods such as lean beef, chicken, almonds, eggs, salmon, and yogurt are good options. Other foods such as chickpeas, pork, beans, and nuts may help raise GH levels. Though they are not suitable as medical treatment, pumpkin seeds have several nutrients that can promote higher T-levels. Raw oysters may help increase T-levels because they are rich in zinc. Fruits such as bananas or avocado may help as well. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that can help boost anabolic hormone levels. Red meats are also high in zinc. While it is not a good idea to consume red meat each day, including it in your diet may help boost your anabolic hormone levels. 

When weighing HGH vs testosterone, it is wise to consider what your objectives are and what risks you may be willing to take. You may also wish to consider alternative methods for naturally boosting GH or T-levels. A doctor’s advice and supervision can help you safely go through hormone therapy. A diet full of vitamin-rich foods can also improve hormone levels without therapy. A lifestyle that promotes good health and strength may be a good foundation for any methods taken for hormonal improvement. 


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