Canada: Authorities Confirm Murder Suspects Were Let Go After Checkpoint Stop

Canadian authorities have confirmed that the two murder suspects on the run were stopped at a checkpoint. Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were stopped at a checkpoint but were let go after.

The two have been on the run for two weeks. They are suspected of shooting dead three people, including a tourist couple. Authorities have been searching for the two on the northern part of Manitoba. Royal Canadian mounted police officers have been using dogs, drones and even helicopters to search for the two men.

Sightings of the pair have led authorities to Manitoba but the latest information reveals that they nearly had them. On Tuesday, it was revealed that the two were chased and stopped by Split Lake First Nations officers in Manitoba. The chase happened after they drove through an alcohol search checkpoint.

They were eventually stopped but authorities did not find anything. At the time, the teenagers had not been named as suspects. Authorities searched for alcohol but the teenagers were let go since nothing was found. They continued driving and later crashed their SUV. Reports say they set the vehicle on fire and disappeared.

The two told authorities during the stop that they were from British Columbia. An official said on Tuesday that the two kind of drove through the checkpoint where they had two people follow and later stop them.

The official explained that no weapons were found during the search but they did see maps and camping equipment. The official added that it was shocking when the officers learned that the two men were on the run.

Police have been searching for the two men in Manitoba. The search has led them to that area after sightings. Authorities thought they were near them when two people matching their description were spotted in the area. Police left the area on Tuesday after not finding any trace.

The two suspects are believed to have driven to the area from British Columbia, where the three people were found dead. The two are wanted for the suspected murders of a tourist couple and a resident. Their bodies were found dead on the side of a highway on July 15. The body of a resident was found four days after the first murders. The body was also found on a highway but a different one.

The RCMP released a statement saying that a search of the York Landing area had been completed. The statement finishes by saying that the heavy police presence in the area has been withdrawn. The RCMP also said that investigators have received more than 260 tips in one week.

The search for the suspects continues but a survival expert doesn’t rule out that the pair have already died in the wilderness. The search has taken place in some remote areas, including the town of Gillam.

Sherman Kong, who has a survival company in Winnipeg, said the terrain in Gillam is inhabited by bears and insects. Mr. Kong said that the pair could have already died from an attack, injuries or dehydration. He also said that people without training can survive in the wilderness, especially if they are trying to avoid being captured.