Epic Games Will Refund Shenmue 3 Backers Over Store Move

A few weeks back, Shenmue 3’s move to the Epic Games store was met with some criticism as well as requests for the game developer to refund money to those who backed the game.

The game began as a campaign on Kickstarter, where it received the support of many people. But things changed when it was recently announced that the game was going from Steam to the Epic Games Store.

The news were not well received by those who backed the game. Some immediately criticized the sudden change while others asked for the game developer to start giving out refunds.

The backers were told that they would receive a Steam code at launch but today, they were informed that this will not happen. Epic Games has instead decided to give out refunds for those who backed the game. The full refund is being offered by Epic Games and not the developer or publisher of the video game.

The game’s developer, Ys Net, said they had originally planned for PC distribution by using Steam. The game developer added that they discussed offering keys on the day of release for those who requested it. But the coordination with the sales policies of the companies working with the game was untenable and they were not able to have Steam keys.

The game is now being offered as a physical product or digital download for platforms such as PC and the PlayStation 4. The PC version will be offered through the Epic Games Store. Those who don’t like the idea of having the game through the Epic Games Store can request for a full refund.

The full refund announcement does come with some restrictions. The backers who spent more than usual on the project may not get the full amount they used to make the game happen. The refunds will be answered by Epic Games.

Shenmue 3 is among the many things that has brought criticism against the Epic Games Store, which was launched by the company back in late 2018. In recent months, several people have made posts on social media and forums to say that the store is anti consumer.

Others have heavily criticized the company for the store’s exclusivity. Several video games are now only available through the store. The gaming giant has partnerships with other giants such as Ubisoft, which has released some titles through their store.

The lineup of store exclusives will continue increasing this year. A few weeks back, Epic acquired Psyonix, the company behind the popular Rocket League video game. The soccer/vehicle game will be available exclusively on their store later this year.

The news of the refund have been confirmed by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who said on Twitter that the company is funding the cost of all Kickstarter refunds. On top of that, the CEO mentioned that the company will offer keys from other stores or refunds for games that are backed and later go Epic exclusive.

Shenmue 3 will be released for the PC and PS4 on November 19.