Fortnite Pro Faces New Cheating Allegations

Fortnite pro Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook is once again surrounded by controversy after a short video shows him scoring an easy elimination against an opponent dancing on a roof.

The video, which was taken during the trios tournament, shows him and his team near Salty Springs. When the spectator switches over to him, he sees XXiF going after an opponent who is dancing on the roof. The opponent continues to dance until he is eliminated from the game.

The player eliminated had not just landed or lagged out. The video shows him dancing and dropping materials and weapons after he is eliminated. The video was posted on Twitter shortly after, sparking a discussion on what may have taken place in that moment.

Fortnite players that are on reddit suggested that the player who decided to just dance while he was getting shot at may have wanted to catch the attention of the team so he could get eliminated and join his eliminated team to start another match.

Others weren’t so convinced by what they saw in the video. They believe the player dancing should have continued the battle since he had weapons and could have tried to add points to the total by getting an elimination or two.

Some users point out that the player dancing had a gold combat shotgun, which can easily knock down an opponent in one or two shots.

The video brings more controversy against XXiF, who was recently suspended for part of the qualifiers. The pro player was accused of cheating after a video showed him landing near a popular spot and going after players who were putting up a fight.

The players in the video raised suspicion since they never fought back or didn’t put enough effort. Epic Games decided to investigate after the video surfaced and his spot was revoked. He was suspended for two weeks but made headlines when he made a return and qualified for the big tournament.

The controversy also brought criticism against Epic Games since some felt like the suspension was not enough. The criticism returned after it was revealed that he had qualified, despite being suspended for two weeks. XXiF and his duos partner have already won $50,000 for qualifying to the tournament, which takes place later this month.

The latest video raises suspicions once again but some pro players believe it may have been more of the opponent trying to get out of the game as quickly as possible than XXiF being fed kills. This often happens in squad matches in which most of the team has been eliminated and the remaining player decides to give up so he doesn’t make everyone else wait. It also happens in solo matches, especially when two players land in the same spot but one grabs a weapon and the other has nothing to return fire. The suspicious part in my opinion is the opponent having weapons and materials to at least put up a fight.

Epic Games has not commented on the video.

Have you seen the video? If so, what do you think happened? Let us know in the comments.