PS Plus July: Konami Says Swap Was Decision From Sony

The free games for PS Plus July are available now but the lineup arrived with a sudden change. Just days before the games were available on the store, it was announced that the free titles would be Horizon Chase Turbo and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

The game selection was an interesting one since the membership often goes for titles that are not in the sports genre. The last major sports title to be available for free for PS Plus was NBA 2K16. Since then, Sony has gone for popular titles such as Hitman, For Honor and Call of Duty.

The two games were set to arrive to the PS Store earlier this week and they did. But the arrival came with a sudden change. PES 2019 was removed from the lineup and replaced by Detroit: Become Human. The replacement is a solid one since the game is the Deluxe Edition, which also comes with Heavy Rain.

The change left a bit of mystery since gamers don’t often see PS Plus swaps. The two free games are available now but the questions remained on the sudden change. Now, Konami has responded to the questions from gaming sites.

Konami, the publisher behind Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, released a statement to GameSpot. The statement is a short one but it mentions that the decision was made by Sony.

The gaming news site is also reporting that a brand manager for the popular football game had no idea that Sony was going to swap the game. The manager said he could not really tell what happened because he had just found out. He added that he saw the information when he opened his laptop.

Sony did announce that a swap had been made but the gaming giant gave no details on why it happened. The substitution came just hours before the two games were added to the PS Store.

PS Plus, which is a subscription service for the PlayStation 4, releases two free games every month. Sony doesn’t give details on how it makes it selections for every month. The company simply announces the games and they are later released to the PS Store.

Speaking of PES, it was recently reported by several gaming sites that the football game will not include women’s football for the 2020 edition. PES 2020 is coming in September but a manager has confirmed that the title will not add women. The manager didn’t go into details but those waiting for PES women’s teams and leagues will have to keep waiting.

The PES series does not hold the World Cup licensing rights, which means that it cannot feature the Men’s or Women’s tournaments. The rights are held by EA, which is the company behind the FIFA series. Last year’s edition featured the 2018 World Cup along with Ultimate Team. EA has featured the Women’s World Cup and teams since FIFA 2016.

The addition of women to the football game is still a bit behind the rest of the game. Gamers only have a few options when it comes to the women’s tournament and teams.