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Road Trip Destinations: 5 Best Countries to Travel by Car

A car trip like no other occupation will allow you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of any country, move around its cities, as well as stop in any colorful and interesting places.

Therefore, many travelers prefer to rent a car instead of using public transport. This service is very convenient, as it gives freedom of movement wherever you go. What’s more, car rentals for under 21 makes road trip possible even for young drivers.

If you are a fan of car trips, and don’t know which country to choose to explore, here’s a list of the best destinations…


It seems that America, with its endless spaces, as well as beautiful nature and impressive megalopolises are created for car travels.

Excellent roads kept in good condition contribute to pleasant driving. In America, a car rental service is widely developed. You need only several minutes to reserve a vehicle – your car will be prepared right upon arrival.

There are many toll roads near major cities, so the driver should learn in advance the procedure of using a special E-ZPass transponder.

The cost of gasoline in this country is fairly affordable, but may vary in different states due to differences in tax bases. The maximum distance between gas stations is 200 km. This means the traveler will never be left with an empty fuel tank during the trip.


This is another ideal country for car travelers. Its picturesque and well-maintained roads allow you to quickly move between places of interest. Tourists quickly and simply can rent a car there, and the local traffic regulations will please with their clarity. Each driver should observe traffic signs, and speed requirements.

In general, the condition of Canadian roads is very good, but sometimes it depends on weather conditions. Road services work quickly and efficiently, instantly eliminating all the flaws.

The country has a very high quality fuel, the cost of which is about 1.25 CAD for gasoline and 1.15 CAD for diesel.

Canada is incredibly beautiful with its snowy peaks, national parks, relict forests. Such wild animals like bears, deer and foxes can walk along the roads. Therefore, it’s recommended to explore the country by car to cover as many interesting things as possible.


A car trip to Italy has a number of undeniable drawbacks. In the cities there are very narrow streets, maneuvering on which causes shaking hands and scratches on the car body. The cost of fuel here is frankly high – 1.5-2 Euros/liter for gasoline and 1.4 Euros/liter – for diesel. Because of the popularity of the country, renting a car is expensive, but even despite the high cost, it requires an early booking.

However, with all these drawbacks, Italy simply needs to be explored by car, because it’s so multifaceted, colorful and densely filled with sights, that not a single organized tour can cover all its glories. In addition, thanks to the car, you can easily combine a guided tour with a beach holiday.


Renting a vehicle in France makes sense if you are planning country trips: to the local villages, castles, as well as to the sea.

In the cities, sometimes travelers will face congestion, lack of parking spaces, fines and a spoiled mood. In addition, in key tourist locations car rental will cost two or even three times more expensive than a similar model in Reims or Orleans.

The fines in France are large, so each tourist is advised to first get acquainted with all the subtleties of traffic rules, and especially with speed limits.

Car rental in France allows visiting those places where expensive and not frequent excursions are offered, and also public transport doesn’t go. For example, the Loire Valley castles, which can’t be reached by train or bus, Provence region, where you should walk on the lavender fields, as well as Bordeaux, where you need to buy a couple of bottles of excellent wine.


Avid travelers will be surprised by this country in the ranking, because, on the one hand, it’s oversaturated with tourist services, and on the other one – it offers very affordable prices for excursions, and it’s famous for its crazy movement with no traffic rules.

It turns out that if you want to escape from the beach relaxation and crazy night parties, then it can be a perfect idea to take a car and go to the north-western part of the country, where the popular resort will open from a completely different side.

In Samut Prakarn Province you should visit a crocodile farm, feed dangerous predators and even have dinner tasting a crocodile meat. Also, if you go to the Khao Yai Park to observe gibbons and rhinoceros, you cannot do without a car. After all, the area of the park is 2,168 square kilometers – such an impressive space can’t be explored on foot.

Among the main inconveniences, the unusual left-hand traffic is the most frightening thing for travelers, although it won’t be a problem when traveling outside the city.

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Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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